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Wipe Your Mac Clean And Start From Scratch

Hey guys, we got another Free Apple Tutorial for you here today. Today we’re going to be going over securely emptying your trash can. The trash can by default is going to be located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. And here we go, we got it open now. Now as you can see in the top left hand corner of this window, I could hit empty. And that would erase these items out of the trash can, but it would not securely delete them. When you securely delete something you actually.

Erase it and overwrite it so that is can not be recovered with data recovery software. It’s a much more secure way to erase items, especially information you don’t want people getting like tax and personal information. In order to do this it’s a quite simple task to accomplish. What we’re going to do is go up to Finder, and click on Finder and it’s going to bring up a drop down menu. One of the options is Secure Empty Trash. So if we go ahead and click this, it’s going.

To bring up this prompt. There’s two choices Cancel and Secure Empty Trash. If we click Secure Empty Trash it’s going to overwrite everything in the Trash Can. Make sure that if you do this you’re very sure that you want to erase everything. Because there is no going back from it. In this case I am sure so I’m going to hit Secure Empty Trash. What it’s going to do here is pop up, it’s going to erase everything. This should go pretty quickly, since it’s only three pictures. You should note that if it’s larger Files it will take longer. And with that noise it’s.

How To Securely Empty Your Macs Trash

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