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Will Ram Speed Up My Macbook Pro

Install RAM in a Macbook Pro Kingston Technology

Upgrading the RAM, also called memory, on your Apple Mac Book Pro computer is a quick and easy way to speed up nearly everything you do on your computer. But before you begin there are a couple things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the memory you have is compatible with your Mac Book Pro system. Kingston has a handy online tool to help you easily find which memory is compatible with your Apple computer. Next, your computer should be shut down and your work surface should be clean and you should ground yourself first by touching.

An unpainted metal surface to prevent damage to any components. And lastly, in most cases, a simple philips head screw driver is all you’ll need to upgrade the memory in your notebook computer. First, remove the battery. And just to be sure all the remaining power is drained from the computer press the power button after the battery is removed. Find where the memory is located in your computer. Sometimes it’ll be identified on the underside of your computer.

Otherwise you’ll need consult Apple’s website before you begin. Then, remove the small screw, or screws and set them aside, but be sure to set the screws in a safe place so they don’t get lost. Now you should have a clear view of the old memory in your computer. Carefully push the metal clips on both sides of the memory module outwards to release the first memory module. You’ll notice it popup slightly making it easy to slide out from the memory slot. If you’re installing 2 memory modules, do the same with the second module, as well. This can sometimes be next to or even underneath, the first memory module you removed.

When installing the new modules it’s important to notice the alignment notch on the module that lines up with the notch on the memory slot in your computer. If it doesn’t line up, flip it around and slide in the memory module at roughly a 45 degree angle, but don’t to force it in. The memory will fit snugly into place with light, but firm pressure. Once it’s in place, press down on the outside edges until you hear the clips on the sides snap into place letting you know the memory is secure. If you’re adding more than one, repeat this process for the other memory and then replace the cover. Screw it into place. Replace the battery and turn on your computer.

And that’s it. If you have any questions or need additional help installing memory in your Apple notebook computer, be sure to visit kingston support for more information. Thanks for watching.

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