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Speed Up Your Mac Mountain Lion

Hi it’s Stike96 here and today i’m going to be showing you how you can purge your Mac either by doing it through Terminal or by doing it through Automator which is actually the better way But i’ll show you both ways anyway so you know how to do them both ways So What purging basically does is that it frees memory on your RAM that that had other programs stored on it so if you had like Chrome or whatever and then then you go and close everything and you want to work on something on.

Premiere Pro and you need all that RAM for Premiere Pro you can purge the computer and it will free up all that RAM so that it can be used for Starcraft, or anything that needs it and this isn’t really useful if you have got lots of RAM but before when I had 4 Gigs of RAM I used to use this all the time Okey so the first way is to go to terminal which is just by clicking on Terminal in Spotlight, forgot to switch the server off.

And you just basically type in purge and then after a while it should show this line again, you should be up to use it your Mac and the memory will be freed So down here you can see that it was freed up It only took up a little amount before but you can still see So I can’t really show you that it will free it again this is how to do with the automator way So once it starts up yeah and if you purge because the programs aren’t stored in the RAM anymore.

Free Up Your RAMs Memory In OS X Mountain Lion or Below

Or because the things are deleted off the RAM One you open the applications again they won’t open as fast because it has to move things back into the RAM again because everything on it has been cleared off so that’s the only downside but the real reason you’ll want to use is if you’re going to switch to an application that needs loads of RAM so anyway for Automator you type in run shell script yeah this one, and you just drag it in like that and yeah you take away cat.

Leave that as it is and just type in purge here and then when you save it you don’t want to save it as workflow you want to save it as application and you can save it wherever and I have already got purge so I won’t save this but then this is basically all you type in Okey I will save it and just call it purge 1 and then i’ll open Chrome, Firefox, Safari loads of things Okey so now you can see that the free RAM is 4.21.

And as i said if you call lots of RAM like 8 Gigs It’s probably not going to reach there unless you do something really big so you are probably not going to use purge but for people with 4 Gigs it’s more or less full already as you can see and so if I go and close everything and then I purge not pirge purge you should see a big increase in the amount of free RAM and the amount of blue should just go away which is the inactive RAM.

And it’s finished and yeah you can see that it has gone up to 5 Gigs so as you can see i’m using my Mac like normal and it doesn’t cause any problems i’ve been using it for ages before I upgraded to 8 Gigs of RAM and it didn’t cause any problems So as you can see things start up a bit slower but once you start them up and like that then they are Okey, they are as fast as normal So if you liked this little tip please like this tutorial and subscribe.

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