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Speed Up Your Mac Ebook Freebie

Today how to get text books or any book you want for as low as a penny! Hi. I’m The YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. You might know me from your local TV station or USA Today and you might know that I usually hunt down tech deals but I’m also always looking for other great ways to save. We’re going to get to these 1 penny books in a moment but do you see these smart watches in front of me But these were one of the more recent deals I featured at.

Almost 80 off and every day right here, we give subscribers all of the items I test for free. If you want to get any of the items I feature for free, here’s what you need to know. Subscribers get whatever deal I’m featuring for free! At least one randomly selected subscriber per tutorial gets my deal given away for free so click the subscribe button you see on your screen right now, you’ll be signed up for all of my big deals and here’s your huge deal for today. I’m fired up by these books for a penny all tied to a not for profit organization.

That promotes literacy, reading and saves you huge. Most of the books sold by Better World books are collected for free or donated to them from book drives and their prices are insane. Look at this book my wife needed to buy for grad school. A whopping $148 from Amazon. She got the same book for 2 cents from Better World Books. I want to show you the book because I test all of the products I feature for you on this channel. This was the packaging that it came wrapped in and the book itself which is clearly used gets.

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A grading report. So this book listed as used and in good condition and clearly donated from a library or book drive but the condition absolutely perfect and my wife saved $148. Here’s my beautiful wife Jacqui and you had a big success with this deal test. I did. Yes. These were the books that I got and I saved a ridiculous amount of money and while the reports said they were in good condition, I would say they were in excellent amazing condition and there’s absolutely no issues with any of these books and I’m very very.

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