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Speed Up Your Internet Connection On Ps3 Xbox Pc Or Mac

What is going on everyone My name is Ken, also known as Wiltshire. Today I’m going to show you guys the easiest and best method to connect your PlayStation 3 controller to your Windows PC without having to use motioninjoy or BetterDS3. Before I start the tutorial, I just wanna say that you’re gonna need a PlayStation 3 controller with a mini USB cable. As well as a bluetooth dongle, however this is completely optional. That is only if you want to use your controller wirelessly Now, what we are going to do is take your PlayStation 3 controller andor your.

Bluetooth dongle and plug them into you computer Now, what this will do is this will install the default drivers for our PlayStation 3 controller andor our Bluetooth dongle. Now this is a very very crucial step, so please do not forget to do this. Now, there are a few more requirements that we have to take care before we continue on with anything else. Now, we have to install Microsoft framework 4.0 on a computer. If you’re running Windows 8, this will come preinstalled on your Windows 8 installation so you don’t have to worry about that. If you’re running.

Windows 7, Vista or XP you’ll have to install this or check if it’s installed. In case Windows Update has already done this for you. Now, we also have to make sure we have Visual C 2010 runtime installed on a computer. As well as the latest DirectX runtime and the latest Xbox 360 controller drivers available from Microsoft. Now, you can find all these installation requirements in a packaged zip folder for you in the description below. Make sure you install each and every single one of these requirements before we continue on with the tutorial.

How To Easily Connect PS3 Controller to PC No Motioninjoy Required

So, with that said, I’m gonna quickly run you guys through on how to install the programs Now, the first thing I’m going to install is the Xbox 360 controller drivers from Microsoft. Now this one is really straightforward. All you have to do is open it accept the agreement click the next button and this will install the Xbox 360 controller drivers for you. Now, the program will ask you to restart your computer. I would recommend waiting to install everything and then restarting your computer after you’ve installed the last.

Required file. So, what we’re going to do is just click ‘No’ on that restart message and now what we’re gonna do is we’re going to install the Microsoft framework 4.0 file and since I’m running Windows 8 it will say that this is already a part of the operating system and you cannot install it. As you can see right here on the first line. So, if you have Windows 7, Vista or XP it may say otherwise and all you have to do is click the Continue button.

And the setup will do its thing. It will install Microsoft framework 4.0 for you. So, the next thing thet we’re going to do is we’re going to update our DirectX Runtime. Now, if you have a lot of Steam games, chances are Steam has upgraded this for you, when you’ve gone to launch a game. So, what we’re gonna do is we’re going to open it up really quickly. Accept the agreement, click Next and we’re definitely not going to install the Bing Bar ’cause Bing definitely sucks! And I’m a Google fan through and through. So, this will take.

A long time to install or if you’re like me and you have a newer version or Equivalent version that has been updated, you’ll be perfectly fine. All you have to do is click Finish, if you haven’t had a version of DirectX on here, it may take about 10 minutes to install. So, the next thing we’re going to install is we’re going to install the Visual C 2010 runtime and this one is also pretty straightforward. If you also have a version that is already installed like myself, you will not have to install this. But, if you don’t,.

Again, click the Continue button and you’ll be good to go, So that is all the required files. Now we can continue on with the tutorial. Okay, so the very last step that we have to do is now we have to install the installation files for the Playstation 3 controller andor our Bluetooth dongle. Now, you can find this package in the description below. Again, with the one big package of everything that you need to install. You’ll notice a slight difference in my tutorial, that I have a 7zip file.

And in the package there will be a zip folder instead because I don’t want you guys having the hassle of trying to download something to extract that archive file. Such as, WinRAR, WinZip or 7 zip or something to extract the contents of that file. So, I’m just going to open this up and extract the files. Again, it’ll look somewhat different when you open up a Zip folder. But, it’s basically the same concept. In this file we have a folder called SCPserver and this is what we are after. So, we’re gonna drag drop that onto our desktop.

Or anywhere we can basically find that file folder. Feel free to put that wherever you’d like. Now, what we’re gonna do is we’re going to open up the SCPserver file folder and you’ll notice that there’s 2 file folders. Now, you don’t have to pay any attention to the source file folder. On second thought, just go ahead delete that source file folder. Because this is for program developers and if you don’t know how to code or anything or don’t know how to contribute to this program then you really don’t have to worry about that. So, what we’re after is the.

Bin folder. Now, this is where the installation files are. So, before we do anything else, you need to go to our start menu. Go to ‘Computer’ go to our local C Drive go to ‘Program Files’ and what we need to do is we need to create a folder called Scarlet.Crush Productions Now this is very very key because you want to keep things nice and organized on your computer and you don’t wanna have this file folder just laying around anywhere. So, once have created a new file folder, and you can do so by hitting CTRLSHIFT.

N on your keyboard. That’s just a shortcut for creating a file folder or you can right click and go to new and then create another file folder that way. So, what we’re going to do is open this up and as you notice I already have a bin file folder in this file folder So, what you want to do is go to the SCPserver file folder. that we’ve extracted from the archive file and what you wanna do you wanna drag and drop that into your scarlet dot crash productions file folder that is in your Programs file folder.

Now I’m not to do that because I’ve already done so. So, I’m just gonna start the program up now. To make life easier, what you want to do is you probably want to make a shortcut on your desktop for the SCPDriver and the SCPMonitor because you don’t want to keep going back in your program file folder and finding this file folder and then running things when you found it finally. What you want to do is you want to right click on the two and go to Send to and then click desktop and it will create a shortcut for you.

I have my nicely organized in my fences here. So as you can see, I already have a shortcut for the SCPDriver and the SCPMonitor. The monitor’s basically just to show you that your controllers are connected. So what we’re doing is we’re gonna run the SCPDriver and make sure you run this as administrator you do need to have administrative privileges to install this. Now make sure that your controller and your bluetooth dongle are still plugged in and what you wanna do you wanna click the Install button. If you’re on Windows 7.

Or Windows 8. Now, if you’re an XP or Vista user, you have to check off force install or this won’t work So, since I’m on Windows 8, I’m going to unchecked that. and I’m just gonna click the Install button and its gonna install everything I need for my Bluetooth dongle and my Playstyation 3 controlller. You no longer have to deal with Motioninjoy and loading a drive yourself and all that garbage or loading the drivers manually through device manager like I showed you the last tutorial. Now, if everything went smoothly, you’ll notice that underneath the install summary.

It’ll say SCP DS3 Service, Bus Device, DS3 USB Driver and Bluetooth Driver. Now, if your bluetooth dongle is not supported, you won’t see bluetooth driver at all. I do recommend getting the ASUS BT211 bluetooth dongle because that is the one that is basically the most compatible with Motioninjoy and what not. So, now that that’s done, we now have our PlayStation 3 controller acting as an Xbox 360 controller on your PC. Now this has the most compatibility with the games because most games use Xinput and obviously it’s a Microsoft product.

So obviously we can’t we can use a PlayStation controller on Microsoft Windows. So, if you open up the monitor tab, it’ll say that the server is now connected and what you can do is you can unplug your PlayStation 3 controller and it should connect like a normal controller. Now I have mine on Bluetooth so mine’s going to automatically connect itself to Bluetooth and if you open up the SCPMonitor, you’ll now see that I have a controller connected under pad one and this will show you your battery.

Life as well. Notice how it says High on the right hand side my battery life is probably between eighty percent to a hundred and if it says Full, you obviously have full battery. If it says medium you’re probably at a fifty percent range if it says Low, probably twentyfive percent So, there’s a few things that you should also know about the ds3 tool is that if you load the Bluetooth driver for SCP DS3 it will override everything else! Now that bluetooth dongle can only connect your PlayStation 3 controllers.

It cannot connect a bluetooth mouse, headset or keyboard Just keep that in mind. So you do need to have another dongle if you want to use you other Bluetooth devices. A trick for the ps3 controller, if you’re done with it, and you no longer want to have it on. If you’re using Bluetooth, what you can do is you can hold L1 R1 and the PS button and it will disconnect our PlayStation 3 controller for us. Like so. Now, you’ll notice how it says reserve now. Every time you connect that controller that specific controller, that is the mac.

Address for you see the 0016 and so on. That is the mac address. So, every time we connect this controller this controller always be pad number one. So you may want to label your controllers or if you honestly get them mixed up in connecting your controllers you somehow end up with controller number two Instead of control number one you can always go back to the SCPDriver uninstall it and reinstall it and you’ll be good to go for your controller. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. This is the probably.

The most easiest method I can ever think of for connecting your PlayStation 3 controller to the PC and playing games with it. So, again, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial If you guys have any questions don’t forget to leave them in the comments section below I’ll be happy to answer them for you. If you guys like this tutorial, don’t forget to hit the like button below. If you guys really like this we don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for more content like this! My name’s Ken, also known as Wiltshire and I will see guys in the next tutorial and.

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