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Speed Up Macbook Pro Mid 2009

This is an early 2011 macbook pro. This MacBook Pro holds a significance. Because this is the MacBook Pro I did my very first unboxing with. And during that unboxing, for 13 minutes I actually didn’t unbox this MacBook Pro. It was one of my reactions to the unboxing tutorials. And look where I ended up.

So, if you have one of these the chances are either you didn’t switch to a newer model, or you’re very old and your kid updated his or her computer and gave this to you. This computer where he used, where he watched tutorials probably on pornhub and he touched it without washing his hands how can you know, you can not know. You just have to watch it if this ever comes to you. But, as you can see it’s been 48 seconds and still the computer hasn’t booted yet.

And i’m trying to talk as much as i can to gain time so we can see how long it takes for this to boot up. It seems we’re well over 1 minute so. There you go. 1:04 Today we’re going to see what we can do when we upgrade this MacBook Pro, because this. is a painful device. Oh here it is.

And this computer updated to the latest software. el capitan 10.11.3 I have this Bob iOSS file and it is 45GB When I want to duplicate this it says it’s going to take 30 minutes. That’s a long time. I’m going to cancel that. Open this in Quicktime and I’m going to say file gt; export gt; 1080p Estimate time seems to be 49 minutes.

Oh it’s going up now it is 51 minutes, 52 minutes Do you think this computer is trash or can you upgrade this? Yes we can! and for this my casting agent casted this extremely old person They are going to bring him into the studio and then he, himself is going to upgrade this computer. You too can upgrade your computer at home and have a fast MacBook and then call back your grandson or son whoever gave this piece of junk to you, and show them how fast it can be.

Now i’m going to call my casting agent barbara! for the record can you say that I have never personally met this person, because you casted this professionally Oh yeah, I casted this person, iPhonedo has no history or recollection or. I have no idea who this is. No idea, never met. So this is not a cheat. Hello and welcome Hi.

First of all i realized this is not a guy this is a female. That’s correct. But still I’ve never met this person. So, just to be clear, I want to ask and validate that she doesn’t know how to upgrade a computer. Do you know how to upgrade a computer mom? You can upgrade the RAM and the hard disk. See, she has no idea.

So let’s get to it. First you need to get a backup of your computer. Do you know how to back up your computer? of course yeah, see, she doesn’t know how to get a backup All you need is just an external drive and the you connect it to your computer And then you go to your TimeMachine and then you a full backup After your backup is done, now I’m going to hand this computer over here.

Samsung 830 Series SSD MacBook Pro Upgrade Speed Test

Hey guys its brkhd1 im back with a quick speed test of my new Samsung 830 SSD 128GB This is in my 2009 MacBook Pro which does not have the SATA III connector so the performance isn’t as good as it could be but it still performed pretty well.

As you can see it had about a hundred and ninety five megabytes per second write uh. i’m pretty excited about this product I’ll have that full review for you soon so please like and subscribe and I will talk to you soon thanks bye.

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