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Please Consider Cleaning Your Mac Of Junk

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the class! david a. cox here with pcclassesonline . Today were talking about how to clean your iPhone and iPad. Now, this class was originally taught live yesterday, which was July 25th of 2015. Unfortunately, we had a little recording error that took place in the very beginning of the broadcast, so I decided to rerecord this during my own time later on offline. So, I really do appreciate it. You know, all of us work really hard to try to do a good job for all of you. If you are watching this.

On , please hit that little thumbsup like button. also, if you have not yet done so, please subscribe to our channel. It is free. It is the easiest way to be informed whenever we come out with new content and as of August 1st, 2015, we are going to be teaching all of our live classes through . Thats right, youll be able to go to and watch a live class and participate. So lets begin here. Now before I start giving you these tricks, whats important that you should do is you should know how.

Much space you get back from these tricks, because the proof, as they say, is in the pudding, or in this case the comments section. So if you indulge me for a moment, heres what I would like you to do. Whatever device it is that youre cleaning, today, I want you to go into Settings on that device, and from SettingssorryI want you to go into General Settings. If you look here, its at the bottom of my phone. From here, go into Usage, and look at this right here. This number is your available free space, and I want you.

To look at what it is now. when youre done applying all these tips and tricks, i want you to look at what it is then, and let us know in the comments section how much free space did you get back, did this tutorial help you? That really helps give us good feedback that, hopefully, were doing a good job. So lets begin. Also, I want to mention real quickly, that if you want to skip ahead to any parts in this tutorial, I will put the various chapters with their respective time codes in the Notes section of this tutorial.

Now, when im working privately with a client, if theyre at, kind of, critical storage point where they have just absolutely no space left on their device and its just becoming very, very sluggish, the first places that I go to clean are the places that most people never think to go. The things that people dont realize take up significant amounts of space. Now, to show you the first one, I want you to think about something. When you get an email, what do you do? You read it, you reply, you delete. When you get in.

A voicemail, you listen, you reply, you delete. but messages, text messages, imessages, those are totally different because most people reply, but they never actually delete it. They just kind of leave the conversation and the next time that that person contacts you, the old conversation comes back to life. Those can add up over time, especially if youve been using your phone or your iPad for years now. So what I would encourage you to do is to go into Messages, hit the Edit button at the very top left, tap on all of these various.

Messages, and when youre done, hit the little delete button at the very bottom right corner. Unfortunately, there is no way to do select all. I wish there were. Maybe Tim Cook, can you build that into the next version? Please, please, please? And that sgoing to actually pop up again in a little bit. So clear out your iMessages. First trick. Next trick is to help your phone actually run a little bit more efficiently. Now this trick does not work as well now as it used to because theyve improved how it works,.

But if i go into an applike lets just say i go into twitter, okay? then when i leave Twitter, Twitters still running in the background. Great, now whatever ad that is just got their airtime. So I leave Twitter. If I go back into Twitter, its just going to resume where I left off. So one of the tricks is to end it from running in multitasking. So, to do this, what youre going to do is double click the Home button. Thats the button on the front of your device. So one, two. It kind of pulls back here, and.

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