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Make Your Mac Internet Faster

How to speed up your internet Browsing on the Mac OSX Computer Yosemite

Hi All todays Mac Tip is going to be on howto increase the speed of your Web Browser and searching by using a free applicationcall namebench. What this does is it actually searches the fastest DNS servers that arelocated in your area and on your network, in order to increase the speed of your browsing.Now the DNS servers are set up in your network Preferences and I am going to show you whereto change them once you run through this report. But the first thing you will need to is getthe application. Go the website I ndicated in the comment section and click on the downloadlinke for the Mac DMG file, download it and open it up in your downloads folder open itup and copy the application to you desktop

or applications folder. After you do so runthe application and it will open up and click the start button it will run for a while goingthrough thousands of posiibbilities and when it’s done a report will pop up that lookslike this which will give you basically the suggestions for a faster DNS service for youto use. In My Case it actually told me that I would be 40.1 percent faster if I changethe DNS servers to the 3 suggested here. I will show you now how to change them in yournetwork settings. Go to your apple menu go to system preferences got to network clickadvanced click on the DNS tab and in this case I already put the new ones in but I willremove them to show you that you dont have

to save them, if I click on them individuallyand hit the minus sign all there of them can be removed when I remove them I got a another2 dns servers that popped up which are coming from my DHCP settings. So in order to putthe new ones in click on the plus sign go to the report copy them one at a time andpaste them one at a time.Click twice to get the light blue highlight and paste. When yourdone hit OK then dont forget to hit apply once your done restart your web browser andyou should have an increase in speed. This is a great application and its free and itdid speed me up, I highly recommend it. Its a great tip and good luck and surfing faster.

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