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Mackeeper Clean Your Mac

And today I’m really excited to review a new application called MacKeeper and MacKeeper is a system maintenance application but it’s really way more than that It’s pretty much every utility or tool or service that you will ever possibly need for your Mac all in one application I’m on Mackeeper website now click the link in the description box which is the website I really recommend that you check it out because it really tells you all you need to know about the application There’s a lot of information about all the utilities and tools.

Within the application and you can also create an account You can read more about MacKeeper at MacKeeperReview.blogspot It’s got a lot of information about the tools and services that they offer All about the features and of course you can download right from their website Well, here’s MacKeeper and it has a really clean interface On the sidebar all the tools are organised Cleaners. Tools. And Services There’s you main status right here And, One Scan On the right side you will have noticed that there is. 247 customer support which is.

An awesome feature, so there’s live chat you can email or call them on the phone and they can help you out with the application So I am going to go ahead and select One Scan One Scan is great if you don’t want to go through all the processes seperately It’ll get things done faster and you have this kind of cover flow view and you can go through each one of the utilities and see how each utility is performing right now and you can check everything using this One Scan.

MacKeeper Review What is MacKeeper and Is it Safe

While that is scanning I will go over a few of the individual cleaners First is binaries cutter So you’ll notice whenever a cleaner is selected or anything in this application On the right side it will have a summary of what it is So if you’re really not sure what it’s doing you can just read the short description and it will help you understand The purpose of the binaries cutter is to help you save space because every application contains support for the power pc architecture and then the Intel architecture.

This binaries cutter removes the support that the application has for one of the architectures So let’s say you’re running an Intel Mac you don’t need the support for the power pc architecture So you can save a lot of space doing this On the side here you’ll notice that it tells you how much space I’m saving for this specific cutter 1.2 GB at this moment but it’s not even done scanning yet So for each application it tells you the unecessary size And you can always stop the process if you want.

Cache cleaner can remove old cached files to save you space. You can read more about them on the website MackeeperReview.blogspot Duplicates finder is a really useful one It takes longer to scan but it’s really useful because it searches for identical files even if they have been renamed so you can delete those unecessary copies and save a lot of space sometimes Languages Cutter can remove language and language support from a lot of applications for example I’m sure a lot of you don’t speak several of these languages and you might want to remove these to save some space.

Also group by the application or the language and then Old Files Finder is another really useful one This finds files that have not been used over a certain time span that you can set in the preferences of the application so you can delete files that you know you will not use anymore And this is especially useful if you already have a backup of these files because why have them, take up space on your hard drive Although there are individual applications that will delete support for binary or that will cut you language support.

This application has all of these cleaners plus more, in one, along with summaries on the side which are really useful Next category is tools, so as you can see there is a backup tool And all you have to do is add any folder or hard drive you want to back up so you name it and select how many copies you want to back up whether it’sannual, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly and where you want to back it up to Now something really cool about this is that you can back it up to an external harddrive or flash drive.

You can also upload your file to an FTP server online or. this new feature that’s coming which is called ZeoDisk ZeoDisk, I’ll talk about a little bit more under the services feature Data Encrypter is to encrypt data so if you have any personal files you can store them in here And you’ll need a password to access them The defaults app tool allows you to change which application will open by default for certain file extensions The Disk Usage is also really useful as it helps you detect large files on your hard drive.

So I have shown you an application that can help you do this more visually but again it’s great to have all these tools in one application And scanning for disk usage is surprisingly really fast And for all these cleaners, all the scanning it is really fast and efficient Launch In Items is just a way of selecting what applications launch when you log into your mac And you can also do spy system preferences if you want Shredder allows you to delete confidential files and you won’t have any chance of recovering them.

It’s really useful but you have to be really careful when you are using it so you don’t delete anything by mistake Undelete is really cool, you select your hardrive or volume which contains the lost files Start Scan and it will actually restore deleted files Wise Uninstaller lets you completely remove applications, widgets, preference panes plugins Again it’s really useful. Whenever you delete an application from your Mac. I recommend using this Wise Uninstaller because it makes sure that you delete the application completely So those are all of the tools and the Final Category here on the side is Services.

So these are also really neat features You have AntiTheft. All you have to do is go to the website, log in and click the alert button to make your computer send a Location Report So you can actually find it or help police find it GeekonDemand is a really unique feature. I have not seen any software that has a feature like this All you have to do is make a demand and an expert in a specific field will answer your question or solve your problem If I click on the GeekonDemand button on my account.

Here I have no demands but I only have one demand left That is because you only get one demand with the application but you can buy demands. A demand is about $9.95 which isn’t too bad if you do have Apple Care already, you shouldn’t really need this. If you dont and you buy this application then you get one demand for free And finally ZeoDisk, this thing that I mentioned earlier that will help with that backup tool With ZeoDisk you can access any files on ZeoDisk from anywhere in the world.

As long as you have an internet connection of course and you can share your files and of course recover files I’ll quickly go into preferences as you can see there’s General Preferences With this you can select which cleaners you want to run during the One Scan There is Individual Preferences for the cleaners binaries, duplicates, languages etc So for languages this is useful because you can select or retain certain languages Of course English is selected by default and the old files you can choose how old you want to be searching for.

And there’s the backup options for backup destinations disk usage and shredder you can change the shredding algorithm Just to show you what happens when you use one of the cleaners I am in the Binaries Cutter. It will remove all the same files with the little check marks next to them It prompts you for your password as you can see there is a little icon that shows you the process. It shows you how much time you have left after they are all removed and it’s done So that took a few seconds and now if I go back to status.

It tells me how much I have actually cleaned from my hard drive I have saved 1.2 GB so far just using the binary cutter and it saved me 13 cents! So I’m not sure how they find out how much money it has saved me Thank you for watching my tutorial and review about MacKeeper. I totally recommend this application and it’s a lot better than any maintenance application I have tried And it’s only $’.95 and if you were to buy the bunch of applications seperately it would cost you 318 dollars.

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