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Mac Os Lion Disk Cleanup

hello and welcome to this review ofdetox my Mac the talks my Mac is an application thatwill get your Mac running a little bit faster by speeding it up you can check out the website its detoxmy Mac dot com in this is going to give you some information on the actualapplication some reviews things like that let’s go ahead and begin we’re gonna goahead and start downloading the

application so that we can see how itruns defrag mac all right after you run the DMG file youshould be able to just drag and drop the icon into your Applications folder defrag mac and that’ll go ahead and copy the App into your computer okay so in myapplications panel here and now I can actually goingclick on detox my Mac which is now in my absolutist and we’re going to be able to actuallyopen the application

know when you open the software for thefirst time it is going to ask you for a license key you can buy a license ifyou’d like or if not you can just click on remindme later for the duration of this review I willbe using the paid version defrag mac above detox my Mac so this will be thefour Pro for Jim okay so this is the main interface irvdetox my Mac I have now defrag mac activated the software and by putting inmy registration code so this is again the four Pro for sureenough detox my Mac

so opening up the program this is thefirst time that I’ve actually used it you’ll notice on the left hand side thatthere are all the different options Reince liked for what you want to detox now detox is basically just a word to to know that it’s going to delete orremove the files that don’t need to be there within these different sections so ifyou want to clear out your downloads folder of things that don’t need to bethere that you can select our

the detox downloads option if you wantto get rid of your trash get all the files that have your trashbin ganz like that so I think I’m going to select a detox trashes the talks the leftovers and will also do seeing detox history so to select some options here somebasic options and then once you’ve defrag mac selected everything that you wantcleaned up you can go ahead and click on the Start Scan

button which is right at the very topright hand corner its gonna go it starts can your Mac for these items andpopulist so go ahead and let it scare and getthrough all that and then we will be back here in just a moment okay soI’ve gone ahead and let it run its course I was able to get two hundredpercent on the history and trashes and now thedetox leftovers will take a little bit defrag mac longer so I went ahead and quit the scana bit early avail see now that the program hasdetected all these files they can be

Mac OS X Tutorial How To Repair Disk Permissions

Hey everyone, this is Erickj92 from YouTube,and here I will be showing you how to repair your disk permissions. So first you want togo down to Applications, Utilities and then Disk Utility. Just wait for it to load realquick. Then select your main Hard Drive and click Verify Disk Permissions. This is justgoing to take a few minutes. I’ve sped up the tutorial to save you some time. Okay it’sjust about done here. As you can see it’s found a few different permissions that arecorrupt on my system.Okay. ONce that’s done you want to click Repair Disk Permissions. This again will take a littlebit of time, so just sit here and wait while it does. On average it can take anywhere froma minute to ten minutes or possibly even more,

depending on your system. Right here it didn’ttake long because I only have a few disk permissions that are wrong. And now you can see it’s alreadyrepairing most of them.Okay it’s just about done here, and once it completes you have gotten all your permissionsrepaired. Congratulations! Just close out of the window and go back to what you weredoing. Thanks for watching!.

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