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How to Learn American Accents Peppy Pronunciation 14 with Steve Ford

Hello! Hello! Hello Everybody, my name is Steve Ford and welcome to Peppy Pronunciation I have had many requests by students over the years to do a tutorial about American regional accents While some types of pronunciation are the same from New York to L.A., some are not So let’s take a look at some similarities So it really doesn’t matter if you’re from New York, L.A. or Toronto did you hear the way I just said my hometown, quot;Toron(t)oquot; we don’t say Toronto, we omit all the t’s after the consonant “nâ€� and two prime examples are: want and can’t

did that guy just say can or CAN’T? he said can’t and the “tâ€� is not pronounced How will you know it’s negative? intonation, it goes down.can’t. Another good example is internet so let’s take a look at some people saying this word from different parts of North America first in it’s full form, the way a TV news anchor might speak if you’re lucky and the way it is usually pronounced

Now you have to understand that native speakers are not English teachers and are mostly unaware of the fact that when they say “I’m surfing the in(t)ne(t) that all of the t’s in the word are not pronounced Why do we leave out the t’s? Simple, it’s faster to say: internet, internet, internet Not all Americans talk like a Texan boy or a New York rapper Accents can vary even in a city like New York, Boston or Austin Let’s take the example of the word coffee Now standard American and Canadian English would be coffee

the “oâ€� has an AH sound, you go to the and he says, stick out your tongue and say “ahâ€� So let’s take a look at different ways to say coffee across the USA the “oâ€� sound is really an o, oa or owa the ah sound is a little different, ah, ah, what we call “southern drawlâ€�, coffee, coffee, coffee Another big “oâ€� difference is in the word “sorryâ€� some parts of the states and a lot of Canada say sorry while the rest of the states say “sorryâ€� listen to some examples Now quite recently I was driving down to the USA and I had to go shopping

The boarder guard had one of those rural accents and it doesn’t matter what part of North America someone is from when it’s rural, they simply leave out consonants I’m going to buy a cat tree for my cats! because the same product is 50% more expensive in Canada So there I was, an English teacher, the Sherlock Holmes of impossible accents in English thinking if I could barely understand what this guy was saying imagine nonnative speakers of English trying to understand what this guy was saying

This kind of speaking is a relaxed rural way of speaking and basically it’s a way that requires no effort whatsoever for the speaker to move hisher mouth I have to say that I like the way English sounds in New York street talk because it is very musical It’s got a beat! It’s full of intonation! Often they will use swear words to spice things up a bit! So “what are you talking about?â€� becomes Well everybody I really enjoyed making this lesson especially since so many of my fans and subscribers have requested a lesson for this for ages

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