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How To Stop Voice Over On Mac

Hey everybody, luis perez here with a tutorial tutorial focusing on the enhanced version of VoiceOver ships with a fourth generation Apple TV. This version of VoiceOver is made possible by the touch area that’s now available with the Siri remote that comes with this version of the Apple TV. This touch area allows you perform a lot of the gestures that you may be familiar with if you’ve ever used VoiceOver on an iOS device or on a Mac with a trackpad so having said that let’s go ahead and.

Get started and take a look at voiceover on the 4th generation apple tv. you can enable VoiceOver when you first set up your new Apple TV and it will guide you through the setup process. You do this by triple clicking on the menu button on your Siri remote once you have your Apple TV connected and it’s turned on. If your Apple TV has already been through the setup process you can still enable VoiceOver by going into the Settings. You’ll begin by going into Settings, then you’ll choose General followed by.

Accessibility and scroll down and choose voiceover. Here you can turn VoiceOver on. (VoiceOver) VoiceOver on, one of two (Luis) Once VoiceOver is turned on you can also scroll down to choose VoiceOver practice (VoiceOver) VoiceOver practice button. two of two (Luis) And if you select VoiceOver practice (VoiceOver) VoiceOver practice, Start VoiceOver practice (Luis) You can choose start VoiceOver practice (VoiceOver) VoiceOver practice active, one of one (Luis) When you do that you can perform a number of different gestures and hear what they do with VoiceOver.

(voiceover) flick right, move focus to the right, flick up, move focus up flick down, move focus down (Luis) When you’re finished with the VoiceOver practice just press Menu on your remote (VoiceOver) VoiceOver, VoiceOver practice button. two of two. (Luis) and this will send you back to the VoiceOver pane. Here you can also adjust the speech rate (VoiceOver) speech speech rate, very slow button (luis) If you choose that option you can go from very slow all the way up to very fast for the speech rate (VoiceOver) VoiceOver speech, use pitch off, two of two, on. (Luis) And you can also choose to.

Change the pitch to indicate context, so this will change the pitch whenever you go back to a different menu or when you go into a menu. You don’t always have to go into Settings to turn VoiceOver on the long way. You can also use the Accessibility Shortcut which is also available on iOS devices to enable VoiceOver quickly by triple clicking your menu button. To configure the Accessibility Shortcut go into the Accessibility pane, scroll down to the bottom, choose Accessibility Shortcut.

Then here make sure voiceover is the only option that has the check mark on it. so now if I go to the home screen I can triple click the Menu button. (VoiceOver) VoiceOver on, Settings, row 2 column 3 (Luis) to turn VoiceOver on and I can triple click it again to turn it off (VoiceOver) VoiceOver off (Luis) Another way you could turn VoiceOver on is by using Siri on your remote, so you can hold down the Siri button and just say turn VoiceOver on Turn VoiceOver on (VoiceOver) VoiceOver on, Settings, row 2 column 3 (Luis) And in the same way you can turn.

It off. turn voiceover off. (voiceover) voiceover off. (luis) if you’ve used voiceover on an ios device you will find using voiceover on the Apple TV to be very intuitive. That’s because you use many of the same gestures. For example you can flick with one finger in any direction to move the VoiceOver cursor and change what is read aloud (VoiceOver) Search, row 2 column 4, Twit TV, row 3 column 4, PBS, row 3 column three, Settings, row 2 column 3 (Luis) To make a selection you’ll press on the touch area of the Siri remote just as you would when VoiceOver is not turned.

On. (VoiceOver) Settings, settings, General button, one of nine (Luis) And to go back you’ll press menu, again just as you would when VoiceOver is not turned on. (VoiceOver) Settings, row two column three (Luis) Just as on iOS devices you can use the rotor to access other options. To use the rotor you put two fingers on the touch area of the Siri remote and you’ll turn a virtual dial (VoiceOver) characters, words, mute alerts,.

VoiceOver on Apple Watch

For those who are blind, apple watch supports the same voiceover screen reader that’s available on the iPhone and other iOS devices. To use this feature go to Settings then choose General then Accessibility and VoiceOver and tap the on/off switch to turn VoiceOver on.

And then you have one additional feature here where you can turn on a screen curtain for added privacy. This will dim the screen so somebody looking over your shoulder can’t see what you you’re doing. The nice thing about using VoiceOver on Apple Watch is that it works in a very similar way.

As it does on ios devices so you can transfer a lot of your learning. For example here I can turn VoiceOver on and off by using the digital crown as an Accessibility Shorcut. (VoiceOver) VoiceOver on. (Luis) Once VoiceOver is turned on I can navigate the items on the screen just by moving my finger around and whatever’s underneath my finger will be read out loud. (VoiceOver) Stopwatch, timer, remote, messages. (Luis) I can also use flicking gestures.

A flick to the left with one finger will move move me to the previous item. (voiceover) activity, workout. (Luis) and a flick to the right will move me to the next item. (VoiceOver) Activity, messages, remote, Instagram, Settings. (Luis) I can then double tap with one finger to either launch an app or activate the currently selected item. (VoiceOver) Settings, VoiceOver, back button. (Luis) Another way to navigate is by using the Digital Crown.This requires you to triple tap with two.

Fingers. (voiceover) crown navigation on. (Luis) and then you can use the Digital Crown to navigate by row. (VoiceOver) VoiceOver, screen curtain, switch button off, VoiceOver, switch button on. To scroll swipe with two fingers in any direction. (VoiceOver) Rows 3 to 7 of 7, Rows 1 to 4 of 7. From the watch face, you can use similar two finger swipes to access your Notifications (VoiceOver) Notification Center, Activity. 9:02, Page 2 of 3.

(luis) as well as glances. (voiceover) weather, 84 degrees, page 2 of 3. (Luis) To adjust the VoiceOver volume I can double tap and hold with two fingers then drag up and down. (VoiceOver) 100 percent, 80, 70, 60, 55 percent, 95, 100 percent. As is the case on the iPhone with any control that announces it is adjustable you can use a one finger swipe up or down to adjust the values of that control.

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