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How To Stop Voice On Mac

Turn Off Notification Centre Notifications In Mac OS X

In the latest fashion Mac OS X has whats called Notification Center this is the panel on the right hand side that allows you to get messages andinformation from various sources and its an easy way of seeing this info, however it is a bit annoying sometimes I’m going to show you how to turn it off The quickest way of turning of notification centre is within notification itself, if we scroll up there is an button at the top that says show alerts and banners

if we click off, everything will be turned off thats a quick way of turning things on and off with out having to change any system settings to turn off notification centre for specific items, we can do if we open system preferences go to notifications preference pane, you canchoose which applications we turn on/off for example if I select mail which spits out quite a lot

we can select none, we can select the banners option which is a popup or an alert usually with the alerts we get an option of what we want to pick I quite like the email ones Twitter gets on my nerves with the amount of popups so I am going to select that to none. You can now go down the list and change which ones you get setting them as you want it’s quite quick way about specifically changing

Notification Center alerts.

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