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How To Stop Speech Mac

Mac Miller Stopped Making Excuses Documentary

I’m probably going to cry a few times during the course of this thing I’m an emotional guy Funny though because I always get the question of like You’re white? How did you start rapping? And to me it was never like a weird thing I guess I just never really thought about it Like I obviously like knew most rappers aren’t white But I wasn’t like should I be doing this?.

On the other side I think I get a benefit From being white I think that white kids can see me and see themselves like That could be me So I mean I think that was a huge boost for me And a guilty thing when I was coming up Like ah fuck am I only here because I’m white Is that the only reason.

So yeah I think I had to prove to myself that I was more than just A white guy that is lucky because he’s white Damn Mac Miller is super lonely in New York Nobody lives with him Just him and his two cats See in my old days I would hire somebody for this But I’m trying to get some real life experiences Drove my own UHaul.

Everybody’s got to grow up some time But I was an easy target I admit that like I don’t know what changed I think I think I just got more conceptual with what I was doing People just started maybe getting how real everything was to me I’d say I think I just kinda started giving more of myself and who like Who I actually am.

Could you give me like a little bit of reverb And I think like it also became one of those things Where I got like so much negativity That it almost became like okay There’s no point to overly hate on this dude When we actually see what he’s doing Then when you look in there there’s some good music there You know what’s a lot of it I always have respect for my peers.

It almost becomes like if the people you love fuck with me Maybe you might not be correct in your assumptions you know Fuck Probably should’ve woke up went to work but I didn’t I probably shouldv’e saved a little money I didn’t Probably shouldn’t be high everyday but It’s my hats off to all the people that did like champion me.

And did say you know what we fuck with him And it’s real I think for me I just wanted to get as far away from home as I could Like I went out there I started recording Macadelic And I just loved the environment and I was like I’m staying Certain energy out there that’s beautiful and unmatched anywhere else So I think I just you know I caught the vibes you know like And just wanted to ride it out and see where it went.

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