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How To Stop Mac Spoofing

How Spammers Spoof Your Email Address 1201

Hi, this is Gary with MacMost . On this episode let me tell you about email spoofing. So did you ever get a piece of junk mail and it appears to come from you or from a friend of yours, or perhaps you got a message from a friend of yours saying I’ve got a piece of spam and it looks like you sent it. Maybe your computer is infected, maybe your email account has been compromised. Well, when you get a piece of email that is coming from somebody different than actually who sent it, it is called email spoofing.

It’s incredibly easy to do. So easy to do that any spammer is going to actually spoof their email address. They are never going to use their real email address when they send out spam. Very often they are going to use a real email address from somebody else, maybe somebody you even know, just to get you to open the email. So, the false assumption many people have is that when you get a piece of email it says it is from somebody any you think it has to be true. It has to be from that person.

Well, it’s not true at all. You can fake that very easily. As a matter of fact it is just as easy to do with an email as it is to do with physical mail. Physical mail you put the return address here and it’s supposed to be who this is from. But you can write anything you want here. Nobody is going to check that. You can put the President of the United States, the Queen of England, anybody you want here.

It is just as easy to do that in a piece of email. As of matter of fact, for spammers the software they use to send stuff out, that’s going to allow them to put anything they want in there. They don’t even have to have any technical knowhow to do it. So you can’t trust the From address in any email that you get. Most of the time it’s going to be right because somebody who sent you a legitimate email is going to want that From to be something accurate because they are communicating with you. But spammers don’t care about that.

Now let me show you how they can actually get your email address without even compromising your computer at all and make it look like you’re sending out spam! So let’s look at one way that this could happen. Here we’ve got Joe and Joe’s computer. Joe has friends that he emails. So you can see here these are Joe’s friends and this is a list of all their email addresses. These aren’t necessarily in Joe’s contacts. These are just if you look at Joe’s email you’ll find the email addresses in the From.

Field from all of the emails that he has ever gotten. In addition to that Joe also has all his work people and he emails them and he has their email addresses on his computer. If you look through his email all those email addresses are there. Also, you’ve got Joe’s Special Interest Group SIG. This could be Joe’s neighborhood mailing list, this could be a hobby he’s got and he subscribes to this mailing list and he communicates with people or maybe his college buddies and they all email back and forth all the time things about their alma mater.

So Joe’s got a lot of different email addresses if you search through his email here and they all combine to create all of this data here that’s is email addresses on Joe’s computer. When put together they’re Joe’s email data and it’s all sitting their on his computer. What happens if Joe get his computer infected. Say he is using an old PC and it’s out of date and he downloads something he shouldn’t and now his machine is infected and he may not even know it. So what’s going to happen now is that infection, that malware, is going to go and look at all of his email data and it’s going to harvest it.

The New iPhone is Just Worse

Jony Most Companies strive to make their products better. But at Apple, we pride ourselves on thinking different. That’s why with the iPhone 7, we’ve done something that, at first, seems counterintuitive, and then is. We’ve made it worse. We removed the headphone jack and that’s all. That’s the new, that’s the newness right there.

It’s just the lack of a thing that was there and now it’s not. It’s gone, it’s not there anymore. Tada. Jony Once we conceived of this exciting new update. No, downdate, it was so beautiful in the way that it allowed me to go home at two PM. It’s all about simplicity.

Everything will run through one port. You might be asking yourself, quot;What if I want to charge quot;my phone while listening to music?quot; Shit. Jony Apple has always pioneered sleek beautiful design, which is why you will fucking hate the literal parade of (mumbles) you need to plug it into anything as or more complicated than a doughnut. Oh!.

You could just go buy a pair of Bluetooth headphones, there you go, problem solved. And if you normally use your headphone jack to plug into your car, then fuck! Fuck! Fuck, you’re fucked. The you’re fucked and then I’m fucked. And then I’m fucked because you’re fucked.

Jony Our users expect for us to introduce new, innovative, and exciting features every year. To those user, we say, you try introducing new, innovative, and exciting features every year. I mean, what else do you want a phone to do? Make you cum? With the new iPhone, oh this is the old iPhone. You know, they look exactly the same.

Which would make you wonder, quot;Why should I just get quot;an iPhone 6 since it is cheaper and apparently now quot;better?quot; That’s because please. Please don’t. Jony Along with the worse iPhone we’re, like, out of our minds excited to introduce a whole new line of Apple products made with the same philosophy.

The iPad Backs with is just two iPad Backs stuck together. The iPod Brickle which can only play Brickle and the Apple watch which we couldn’t figure out a way to make worse than it already is. If I’m being honest, I’m starting to get really scared of Jony, he’s just taking away things at random at this point. All the G keys on our keyboards have disappeared.

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