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How To Start Mac From Disk

Start Up Disk is Full on Mac How to Fix a Full Hard Drive

Hello everybody in this tutorial we’re going to talk about howto find duplicate files such as duplicate mp3s in your itunes duplicate photos, duplicate program files anything that is making your macintosh computer run slower than it used to many times this is due to duplicate files.

So we are going to talk about howto clean out our computer of duplicate files and keep it running as quickly as possible so the first thing we want to do is we want to go to dot duplicate file software dot com so here we go to duplicatefilesoftware and then we want to just check out this program right here uh. tidy up.

And that is the program that i use that as a program that i recommend so what we’re going to do is click this link and it will take us to the tidy up web page which will then let us download the software you’ll click download now. for the sake of this tutorial I’ve already downloaded the software so once you click that.

Link it will then show up in your downloads folder, doubleclick that and then you’ll be able to install tidy up and you’ll see this screen right here the tidy up screen you’ll drag that over into here doubleclick that icon and it will startup this program tidy up so here we are there’s tidy up and as you can see we can search for duplicates of all kinds.

Images, images by EXIF, aperture photos, iphotos music, music by tag, itunes music, applications, other files and packages and miscellaneous and you can select right here what which drive you want to search for duplicate file so you can actually do this on a removable drive or you can zero in on certain folders uh. so in the case of.

This example you can see that I checked the macintosh hard drive and in this example i chose music i wanted to find duplicate mp3 folder files that were wasting space so i use that and it takes a couple minutes to scan and it scanned about a few thousand files.

And then the result screen comes up like this here’s the result screen so these are all the duplicate mp3 files that it found in my folder and as you can see it it starts to add up. it doesn’t look like much but it starts to add up at five hundred seventy nine items in here and it’s a very cool program because it easily allows you to compare the two files and in most of these cases these were just uploaded.

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