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How To Spot Fake Mac Cosmetics

Hi everyone this is Valentine and todaythere is another episod of how to spot fake product series by me by ValentineLewis of course whatch Valentine it’s always for the better! As my fashion twin here on YouTube Anne prettyness says! Yeah. I’m doing the how to spot fake mac product and the productthat I’m going to talk about is that the mac concealer and this one isstudio finish concealer by Mac yeah this one is the solid one they have the liquid concealers andthey have those solids by the way if you want me to do another tutorial of any other macproduct just let me know here in comments It’s always ask and you will get

So let’s move on to the tutorial here it comes So let’s start with the how to spot a fake mac concealer tutorial so here is the fake and here is the real As you can see there is no any way to spot them during the box because they are like the same I bought it in Israel so the is a writing on Hebrew and this one is the fake one that i bought from ebay specially for you guys There is no any way to spot during the sticker fake mac product because i saw authentic mac products that did have a sticker and did not have any sticker at all So during the sticker we cannot spot fake mac product During the box there is actually no any way to spot a fake mac product

as you can see both of them haveabsolutely the same writing here and gosh they just did a really good job as wecan see the writing is different the writing need to be like these way need to bea thin writing and not a fat writing so let’s see what we have on their backs sohere is the fake back and here is the real back and again except of the colorof writing there is no way to spot them because the writing is absolutely the same except the fact that on the real the writing is like white and it’spossible to see what there is and in the fake one the writing is you can see thekind that invisible the fake one

will be very low weight like it feelslike fake when you touch it and the real one is have some weight on itin the real one the product will be till the end it will be full of product till the end andin the fake one as you can see the product starts like from a few millimeters inside and in the real product it’s not like that so now let’s check swatches!! it’s not gonna be the same color because this one is NC and this one is in NW so the under shade is different so this one is verythicky product as you can see the coverage is very high

you cannot see my real color under the concealer so it’s very thicky and its very like high quality and the coverage is veryvery high when in the fake one first of all you can see that it’s very oilyproduct if your Mac concealer is oily like this like it’s shining it’s for sure thefake one because this concealers by mac They are very very thick and this is the point of those concealers so if you’re concealer is looks like these and it’s oilyso it’s absolutely for sure that you just grabbed the fake one you can see my finger throw this product and it’s not something that need to be as you cansee

absolutely this picture this one is veryoily in the coverage is very very very low as you can see it’s just immediately came into my folds and the real one no way the real one is not goinginside the folds so the real one its meant to be a solid concealer and thisone the fake one is more like liquid concealer also here is another angle when you canspot the product quantity as I just said before So thank you so much for watching i’ll see you in next Saturday as always I love you all xoxo Valentine

REAL vs FAKE 2 Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Dolce K How To Spot

hola chicos el tutorial de hoy les mostrare una comparación entre el labial mate (lip kit) de Kylie cosméticos verdadero versus falso so si ustedes están interesados en ver mi comparación y muestras , sólo sigan viendo así a comenzar con el embalaje a la izquierda tenego la falsa ya la derecha tengo la verdadera Lo primero que me llamó la atención fueron los dientes el falso es un platiado basico cuando se mueve en la luz, el color se mantiene consistente

y la real es más oscura pero conforme se mueve en la luz, se llega a ver el color plateado de cromo Ahora volviendo a la parte delantera el color y el diseño de labios es el mismo la única cosa que he notado con la fuente fue que la verdadera es poquita más gruesa Ahora mirarlo al lado se puede ver que la caja real, que tengo en la parte superior es un poco más oscura

pero la fuente es la misma mismo con el lado ahora en la parte posterior,.

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