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How To Spot A Fake Mac Pigment

Hey you guys welcome back to my channel today’s tutorial is gonna be for this new years makeup look even tho it’s already a little bit late for a tutorial since today’s already new years eve but who cares maybe you still got some glitter laying around don’t know how to get ready if you’re interested in this look, then just keep on watching!.

We start off with the ‘too faced’ ‘shadow insurance’ eye shadow base next I’m using ‘Blanc Type’ by MAC where I already hit the pen bc I use this for my natural makeup looks when I feel like natural sometime applying it with the Sigma E55 using the same color for my crease as for my contour: ‘Sculpt’ by MAC applying it with the 221 by MAC.

Also applying it on the outer corner of my eye lid mixing my loose pigment in ‘Reflects Transparent Teal’ with my ‘Mixing Medium Water Base’ applying it with the E55 Sigma brush but before I protect my foundation for fall out with this ‘Invisible’ by MAC gonna intense the crease with ‘Sculpt’ the 221 again using the 212 for the bttm lash line.

Applying the loose pigment with the 219 to my inner corner of my eyes gently applying a tiny winy bit of the ‘Pink Opal’ loose pigment all over my lid using ‘Corduroy’ by MAC to make it even more intense same brushes as before! for more definition in the crease I’m applying ‘Embark’ with the 221 for my brow highlight I’m applying ‘Soft Gentle’ by MAC with the 10 by Kryolan for my eyeliner I’m applying the ‘Essence Liquid Ink’ with my Sigma E06 liner brush.

i definitely need to buy better equipment in 2016 so i can use both hands for my liner hate it like this! let’s pray for a good liner day! well . it’s fine, could be better, but let’s move on! applying this black eye kohl called ‘Engraved’ into the waterline don’t forget to remove the loose powder under your eyes when you’re finished setting everything with my ‘Urban Decay Settingspray’ in ‘Oilcontrol’.

Before i put on my ‘extended play gigablacklash mascara’ i’m blending down the black eye pencil applying my 34 by MAC with the ‘DUO with Vitamins’ adhesive going back into the contour with ‘Sculpt’ and applying the Sigma ‘Pet Name’ blush right after using my 187 DUO Fibre brush by MAC don’t worry, I’m back with my ‘Soft Gentle’ obsession applying it with the 184 by MAC.

Using the ‘industrial’ eyeliner as a base for the lips to overdraw them applying my ‘3D Silver’ loose pigment which is a gorgeous! mixed with the ‘Mixing Medium’ obviously applied with the 12 by Kryolan so that’s it, hope you enjoyed this tutorial! feel free to leave this tutorial a thumbs up comment take care of yourself this night, bc I swear to god in Berlin is literally WAR!.

That’s why i’m not in berlin follow me on snapchat to keep up with me my new years eve! you can find my username in the description box or endeared of this tutorial also my Instagram, Facebook etc really take care of yourself tonight, bc there are crazy people out there! turn on the laser view! watch out for the firecrackers we’ll see each other next time, love y’all!.

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