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How To Speed Up Your Mac 2012

From finder to terminal iTunes and Safari help yourself with this five quick and easy ways to speed your Mac habits duplicate and increment a file name if you have a file or folder with the year in its name for instance my exam 2015.txt you can drag it with the Alt key held down in Finder automatically increments the Year by one in the duplicate file moving the cursor back and forth without the arrow keys are you writing a long command line in terminal you don’t need to waste time moving the cursor back and forth with the arrow.

Keys just hold down the Alt key and click with your mouse on the exact point you want to jump to Get more info of a song from iTunes if you’re playing a song in iTunes and you want to look up for the lyrics or read the Wikipedia page of it you can do it by hitting the three keys command shift L, and Safari finds the song for you via Google free up space from the download folder every time you install applications in your machine the Downloads folder.

Can quickly fill up with DMG and PDF files if you use Safari preferences to put downloads in the Temp folder instead they will automatically be deleted when you restart or will be deleted after a week to do this you need to unhide the hiding files in your system go to terminal and type this instruction you find this two lines in the description of this tutorial and the hiding files are shown next we need to make an alias of the temp folder you can find the tmp folder in the private folder.

Mac OS X Speed Your Mac Habits

Double click it and make an alias type the admin credentials and drag it to the rule home directory and here it is now to add them again instead of true type false, hit enter type killall finder and hit enter and they’re hide again and here is the alias tmp folder now go to Safari preferences go to save downloaded files to, choose other and now the tmp folder, that we save to the home directory now your downloads files are temporary safari and his resources if Safari seems slow you can use Activity Monitor.

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