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How To Speed Up My Macbook Pro 2009

Or else what? This is my trusty old Apple MacBook Pro. It’s a mid2009 model, but I bought it on February 10th, 2010, brand new. It was my first Macintosh computer. This was the cheapest 15inch model they had at my local electronics store and was cheaper than the current 15inch MacBook Pro.

This unit here has a 2.53 ghz intel core 2 duo processor and it came with 4 gb of ram and a 250 GB 5400 RPM mechanical hard drive. This is the original hard drive that came with it. I took it out for some important reason that I’ll explain in a moment. And in my memories box I have the original RAM that came with it. No.

I have a lot of memories. Well, not really. The original RAM that came with it is 4 GB, two sticks each with 2 gigs, by Samsung. I’m gonna safely put away my memories box, because I wanna keep my memories safe. It also has an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics card with 256 MB of tutorial RAM. When I bought it, it came with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, but this computer was around.

Before snow leopard came out, and if you bought it around that time it would have come with Leopard 10.5. It’s possible to downgrade this computer to Leopard even if it came with Snow Leopard, because the hardware has been the same since it came out in June 2009 until they updated it in June 2010, I think. I’ve used this as my main computer for years, until May 2015, when I bought the HP 15 laptop.

I already did a tutorial about. Of course, when this MacBook was brand new, I loved using it more than anything else, like most people who get their first Mac. Of course, over the years, the novelty wore off, but I was able to do some upgrades on it as shown in the tutorial title, which make this computer still quite capable and fun to use today.

The saying once you buy a mac, you never go back doesn’t apply to me, as i now have an HP laptop. I did install Mac OS X on it but I use Windows 10 about 90% of the time. But anyway, back to this MacBook. During those five years, this MacBook has been through some upgrades, both hardware and softwarewise.

I already talked about the original hard drive and ram, but i didn’t talk about the new hardware I put in it. The reason I took off this hard drive is because it died in November 2011. If I plug it in, it just makes clicking sounds and the computer doesn’t recognize it. I wanted to get an SSD, but back then they were still quite expensive, and so I got a Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500 GB hard drive, also 5400 RPM, even though it seemed quite.

Faster than this thing here. And I’ve had it for the longest time. However, there were some problems with the new hard drive. The EFI firmware on this computer notices that it’s an unsupported hard drive, and for some reason it would become unbearably slow. Like, I tried to install Mac OS X on it, when I got the new hard drive, and it was forever.

Macbook Pro SSD Upgrade 20092012 models How to Replace the Hard Drive

This guide will walk you through removing the hard drive in your 2009 to 2012 macbook pro. Before starting you may need to clone your data first. If so please check out this tutorial. There are 10 screws on the bottom to remove. Seven 3 1/2 millimeter phillips and three 14 millimeter phillips. When the screws are removed use your fingers to pry open the case near the vent.

For your safety it’s best to disconnect the battery before proceeding. Use the edge of a spudger to pry the battery connector upwards. Be careful with the corners, they can easily be broken off. Once removed bend the battery cable up slightly so it doesn’t accidentally reconnect. Loosen the two Phillips screws holding the hard drive bracket and remove the bracket. The screws remain attached to the hard drive bracket.

Partially lift the hard drive out and remove the sata cable. And finally, remove the four T6 Torx retaining posts. To reassemble your Macbook just follow the instructions in reverse. If you want to learn how to replace the hard drive in a different system please let us know which one of the comments below. Thanks for watching.

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