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How To Speed Up My Mac Mavericks

speed up your first your desktop are you can see my desktop completelyclean saving things to the desktop more cluttered your desktop is gonna beand will slow you down how much applications you got its start up oneindication is this icons on my menu bar this indicates how many applications arestarting with my machine to handle this go into your systempreferences

users and groups and Login Items hereyou can check and uncheck which applications you wantstarting with your system all unused applications there is a greatutility called ap cleaner that is perfect touninstall those unused applications you just have to find in drag thatapplication into at cleaner and he will list everything associatedto that application and allowed you to just one clickdeleted speaking a believing things makes

keep your system nice and tidy make sureyou have plenty of free space as unused applications you probably havefiles that rarely access them to check your space it’s easy just go toyour Mac HD Drive or a specific folder and press Command I get info and we’ll tell us how we areutilizing our desk consider to move your unused files to anexternal drive in other hand utilize a cloud systemlike Dropbox copy dot com or other options out there

but keep in mind you taking out spacewith your Dropbox documents folder periodically go through in and tidy up just make sure you have plenty of freespace on your hard disk thing else that we should do is investin some type a blog cleaning utility a lot cleaning utility I use is on X a very useful utility and it’s freecleans up your cash is and other places where can get reallyclattered cashers from the system can be cleanuser information can be clean

internet fonts blogs miscellaneous stuff and of course permanently deleting thetrash from your system tool for cleaning up those locations andother optimizations that can do for you as well great tool to clean up your Mac but it’snot free is clean my Mac with oneclick solution it can scan andclean your Mac from the same locations among other features and tools

thing we should do to keep things tidyoptimized in running well is to go into our desk utility you findthis utility under applications utilities go to your Macintosh hard drive andverify disk permissions and then repair your disk permissions ifnecessary and then verify and repair your desk ifnecessary another tool to identify performance its problems is Activity Monitor youfind activity monitor under applications

why is my macbook so slow How to speed up and clean your Mac

so today’s tutorials going to be how toget your Mac cleaned up and speedy first thing Iamm going to use as a free program called maintenance you can find it on the titanium websitewhich I will be happy to paste alink into the comments area but here it is in here’s the program yousimply click on it and download it once you download this program I you’llsee this in your downloads folder if you open the DMG file and then grabthis

and drag it into your Applicationsfolder drop it and Dara it’ll be in your Applicationsfolder once you do that you can open it up from theApplications folder it will ask you for your admin username password enter it once you done it will ask you are you ok with the license agreement it’s a free software so just agree to it and that the last show you someinformation regarding the software just close that and it’ll have itsdefault settings

Here are the choices that youhave verifying structure the filesystemmaintenance repair permissions you can also execute the maintenance scripts which are the daily scripts that reset and fix a lot ofproblems but this runs very often and not say somethinginteresting about the maintenance scripts a lot of people shutdown the computersat night and when they do so

the scripts don’t always run so this youcan in this case you can force it to run so I’m going to check that one which forces the scripts that aresupposed to run a daily basis on your computer to run when we run this application you canalso have rebuilding everyone’s services I the appearance of your folder contentsspotlight index your mailboxes and even the Help Center but the biggest thing that I thinkactually helps clean up the computer

is the cleaning area which will deleteyour system cache user a cache and other cache files that slow down the computer your web browser cache Sherlock securediagnostics which can cover up a lot have space on yourcomputer and also slow it down tremendously also getting rid ofobsolete tempers prosecution items and of course you can select the trashif you wanna automatically add delete that as well once you’re done with that theselections that I’ve

that I’ve chosen you can choosewhichever ones you want you can click Execute which will execute the script that allsay are you ready to run these payments task that acquittal your applicationsjust to continue and it’ll run through all of these nowit will take a little bit of time to go through all of these I you know fixes and as you can see I’mgetting the spinning wheel now which it started something these tasks onceit’s done you’ll see a Dr

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