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How To Speed Up Macbook Pro Charging

Should you really charge your iphone using the ipad charger? Will it charge the iPhone faster? And, is there any difference between using a cheaper clone charger instead of the original, expensive, Apple charger? The truth will be revealed! It is natural to think that, if an iPhone safely charges using a smaller charger,.

Then a bigger, more potent, charger could be overpowering and cause damage. Actually, this would be true if, instead of the the standard USB 5 volts, you try, lets say, 12 Volts 🙂 Dont ever mess with voltage! All USB chargers output 5 Volts , or should keep watching to the end. The difference between the smaller 5 watts and.

A bigger 10 or 12 watts brick has to do with delivery capacity. Think of chargers as a juice factory and right now I am thirsty! This 5W factory seems to be just perfect to me 🙂 In this example, the charger is able to deliver at the same pace I am able to consume. A 10W brick could potentially serve the double of drinks but I am already consuming as fast as I can, so, nothing changes and nothing bad happens:.

I will continue drinking on my pace. In fact, close to the end I might even slow down a bit. Now I am fully charged and happy! Burp, applauses So: YES! You can use the bigger, more powerful, brick to charge your iPhone! Apple assures it is compatible with iPads, iPhones,.

Ipods (including the classic ones) and even compatible with the apple watch. When you travel, you can just take one big charger and the cables you need. Perfectly safe! gt;gt; Skeptic Everson: But, what about fast charging? I know that the iPhone 6 charges, at least, twice as fast using the iPad charger!! Well here on YouTube I saw tutorials telling very different stories:.

Ranging from people measuring it would be twice as fast to people measuring it is only 5% faster So I bought some measuring equipment and I did some real testing on an iPhone 6 Plus, charging from 0 to 100%, taking notes every 10 minutes! You can see the details on the separate tutorial I posted. Basically what I found is:.

Yes, the iphone 6 plus indeed draws more current on a 12w charger but it is not the double nor twice as fast, as many people say. In the beginning it goes much faster: for the initial 70% charge, the bigger brick can do it in almost half the time. Then it slows down considerably: waiting for a full 100% charged battery, the bigger charger saves you 33% of the time.

As i told you before: the maximum charging current is determined by device, you cant force it beyond. For the iPhone 6, the small 5W is less than ideal, the bigger 10W brick already provides the best result and going for 12 watts doesn’t make any difference compared to the 10W. And for many other devices, like the iPhone 5, the small 5W charger is already enough.

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