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How To Resolve A Mac Address To An Ip

Hello friends, the teacher here! in this windows 10 tutorial, we are going to talk about how to find the MAC address of your network interface device. Every network device or interface has its own unique hardware ID called MAC, which stand for Media Access Control. First of all, let me tell you that why would you need to find the Mac Address. There could be many different reasons or scenarios when you might need to know the Mac Address but the most common aspect could be that you are setting up Router and want to allow only specify.

Devices to connect to the router with specific mac addresses. you can also apply fixed ip addresses to your devices according to their MAC addresses and can later control their bandwidth usage easily. You can watch our tutorial to know more about those configurations. Whatever the reason could be, here how you can easily find the MAC address of your network device. Open Command Prompt, by rightclicking on the Start button. At Command Prompt, type IPCONFIG /ALL. If there are more than one.

Network card installed, then first look for the adaptor name and then find the values next to Physical Address, which is the Mac Address of that particular adaptor. In Windows 10, you can easily copy and paste contents from Command Prompt into Windows by first selecting contents from mouse and then use Control C, and Control V commands to copy and paste. You can also easily find the Mac Address in Windows as well and there are many different ways to accomplish this but the easiest way.

Is to type view network connections in the taskbar search and then rightclick on one of your network adaptor for which you want to find the MAC address and then click Status. Details button from the Status window and there you have the Physical Address of your NIC card. Do note that, Status option will only be available if you are connected to that particular adaptor. As you can see that both network interface has their own unique MAC address. I hope you will find this tutorial informative.

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