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How To Repair A Mac Mini

Intel Mac Mini Repair Bottom Case Removal

Welcome to the Intel Mac Mini Take Apart Guide! Warning! This will void any Apple Care Waranty that you have, so use extreme caution when entering the machine. To begin, grab a thin putty knife, and gently insert it in between the bottom pan and the topcase. Gently lifting up on all sides, Until the bottom pan comes completely out of the topcase. Now lift the bottom pan up and out of the topcase.

Mac Mini Intel Repair SuperDrive Optical Drive Removal

Superdrive Removal. First remove the bluetooth chip located at the back of the superdrive. Remove the antenna cable. and the wire cable. Now grab your philips head screwdriver, and remove the screw from the board. Now lift up and out to remove. Once that is complete, now remove the wires.

Gently remove that. Now remove the three cables from the back of the board. Once that is complete, now remove the four philips head screws, Holding the superdrive in place. Once that is complete, now simply lift the superdrive out of place. Now to remove the daughter board card from the superdrive, simply remove the two philips head screws from the daughter board.

Remove that from the superdrive.

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