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How To Reduce Picture Size In Mac

Let’s take a look at how to crop and resize images in photoshop cc I have my artwork open here. And I’m going to go to the crop tool which is right here and click on it. You can crop in two ways. one is you can draw a box for your crop using the crop tool I’ll cancel this crop by clicking on undo.

Or you can just start dragging the corner of these corner points here to create your crop you can drag the image around to reposition it within the crop and if you want a specific crop size, which you probably are going to want most of the time you’ll want to change this setting from Ratio to Width x Height x Resolution And for the width, let’s say we want 10 inches.

I’ll type 10 in and hit the enter key And then type 8 IN and then hit the Enter key And we’ll choose 300 dpi/ppi for the resolution So now we have a crop that is 10 inches by 8 inches which is a standard frame size Now let’s move our image so it fills that space these lines that you see here are known as the Rule Of Thirds Grid.

These help you compose the piece. you can put areas of interest within the squares, or along these lines or at the intersecting points where these lines intersect each other For instance, I will frame the head in this square, the body in this square, and so on When you’re ready to go ahead and crop, click on the check box and that will crop the image. If you’re not happy with that crop, you can use CTRL+Z to do an Undo and you can start over with a different crop.

Now once you have this set to 8×10, it is always going to stay locked in av 8×10 ratio. So if you want to unlock it, you have to go ahead and click the clear button and that will clear the settings and put it back to its default The reason for cropping to 8×10 is because you may want to print this on an 8×10 piece of paper and put it in an 8×10 inch frame If you want to print it for a different frame size, you would want to crop your image to that particular frame size.

So generally speaking, you don’t want to just crop things visually you want to crop at a specific frame size or a specific print size There’s an option here for Delete Cropped Pixels if you just want to erase all of this cropped area. If you’re not worried about saving it, go ahead and leave Delete Cropped Pixels checked. However, if you’re not sure that you want to throw away the background yet or if you may want to change this crop, go ahead and uncheck Delete Cropped Pixels.

That will crop the image, but all of that cropped area will still actually be recoverable So if you want to go back and change your crop again like so you have access to that full area again Now what if you want to straighten an image while you crop it? What you’ll want to do is select the Crop Tool, click on the Straighten icon here.

And then drag a line along your horizon you can also do this along a vertical line And that will automatically straighten your image and bring up a crop box And then you can go ahead and adjust the crop. So that’s cropping. But what if you want to resize an image manually? Go to Image gt; Image Size.

Batch Resize Photos How to Resize Images on Mac OS X Automator Workflow

How to resize photos on mac with automator we can do this by creating a batch application to resize photos and images launch Automator from spotlight Applications folder or Launchpad now to begin in templates user select application and click Choose in library click files and folders and drag copy finder items it to the main window.

Now on dropdown menu select other and create a new folder in pictures called resized next at a rename finder Adam action it to the workflow shoes at text from the drop down menu and type resized.

Now click on photos in the library and drag scales images it to the workflow now don’t add from this warning dialog since we already have an action to copy the files in the workflow now type but with love the resized image you want to resize or choose percentage to the new image.

Save the workflow to the desktop as an application with a descriptive name and when you drop a image onto the application it will be copied resized and the copy placed on the resized folder well well 0.

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