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How To Quit Program In Mac

Hi everyone in today’s tutorial you i’m gonna show you some power tips on how to use the mac application switcher so if you’ve never used the application switcher before here are the keys that you’re going to need to use in order to do this first will be the command key shown down here as well as the tab key.

Which is shown here as well as this key right above it, okay so let’s get started and take a look at what happens when we pressd the command and the tab key so these are all the applications that I’m running if I hit the Tab key again 1 2 3 for as you can see it switches between applications.

Once i let go of the command key that application will open up in this case I get that find your keys so we’re not really seeing a difference but let’s hit the command Tab key again and this time WebSphere throughway as you can see I’m paying the tab once while still holding down the command key.

And then i selected for shopping now been released the command key and Photoshop will come up so that’s how you can switch between applications rather quickly some other features that exist in the application switcher this if you hold the commanded tacky as you can see you’re going in one direction if you want to go in the other direction.

You then use this key right above it and a few quick are back you go in the other direction see go back and forth if you have a long list applications this is how you can do it once you find the application you want you release the command key and that application comes up so this could help if you have a lot of stuff for the desktop.

If you at the command tacky antione a hard an application so let’s go chill I i tunes let’s say I want it to you height iTunes application so naked cm highlighting iTunes I’m now going to click the HP while I still have the command key pressed so here we go on the press the H key and that’s going to hide iTunes if I again do that.

For photoshop i’m going to hit the hq while Photoshop is are highlighted still hoping the command key now I hit H it will hide it by him H get it brings it back up so that’s another way out right you see the application switcher let’s say I want to quit out out so fari so I will click over here to support but this time.

I’m going to use the q key for quit which is this one here so I’m still holding the command I’m now going to hit cue and that is going to quit Safari so that is helpful if you wanna quit a bunch applications from holding down the command key and I’m actually hitting the Q key and that is quitting all these applications rather quickly.

How to Force Quite an Application on a Mac Quick and Easy Yosemite

So todays mac tip is going to be on how to quit an application without having to restart your computer so if you see that one application crashes and you don’t want to restart your computer you just wanna quit at that one application here’s how to do it so the application that I am going to quit out of is going to be the Stickys so here you can see.

That is the name of the application it’s running first you do is you go to go menu go to utilities and open this utility called Activity Monitor once you open up activity monitor it’ll actually show you all of the processes that are running in order to quit the one application that your looking for you have to know the name of the application.

That would come up in the activity monitors so i’m just going to put in stickies or stick which might be enough which as you can see comes up once I select it click on this X sign and click force quit that will actually quit the application and really your computer will be fine you can even reopen.

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