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How To Protect Folders On Mac

Hi i’m serge siou and welcome to macstudioa. In this episode: Password Protect an Existing Folder in OS X El Capitan. Using the all new Disk Utility in El Capitan, encrypting and password protecting all files in a Folder is a relatively easy process. Demo time. SoooooooLets Get Started.

Important note: make sure you have a backup of your internal hard drive before using disk UtilityPeriod. Continuing on. Launch Disk Utility and from the Disk Utility menu bar, click on File and select New Image and then click Image from Folder In this example, all the files in the folder named Top Secret and located on the Desktop.

As shown, will be encrypted. Therefore, click the Top Secret Folder, then click the Open button shown here. Now enter a name and location where you want the encrypted file to be created. Ill choose Black Book for the name and create it on the Desktop. Next, after choosing 128bit for the level of encryption, a popup window will appear to choose a password.

Enter one manually or click the key icon to have one selected for you. Ill just enter one manually and then click on the Choose button to continue. For Image Format, choose read/write. Next, click the Save button for the encryption process to begin. Finally, when the encryption process has finished, the file named Black Book with the dmg extension will be created on the Desktop, click the Done button to finish.

You can now delete the original top secret folder as you have it encrypted in the black Book dmg file. Now, whenever you double click on the Black Book dot dmg file, you will be asked to enter a Password, do so and the password protected folder Top Secret will be mounted on the Desktop. Just double click on the mounted disk to view all the files. Eject the mounted disk by either pressing ctrlclick or right click the mouse button.

And choose eject or simply drag to the trash as shown. Ill just quickly remove the file extension and change the icon in this quick timelapse. And thats all there is to it. Thanks for watching and thumbsup if you liked this tutorial, and please, don’t forget to to click that subscribe button to be notified of the next episode. Thanks and Peace.

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