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How To Minimize Warcraft On A Mac

Captions by subply . . . . . . . . . . . . . I’m Gregory Dawson filling in for Clifford Banes who is racing to the airport to catch the woman he loves. A recent survey conducted by the American Center for Sleep Research found that nearly 40% of all dreams contain graphic images of violence. Should we be doing more to reduce the level of violence in our dreams?.

Yes, all too often the violence in my dreams is totally gratuitous. Or, done by my brain just to shock me. You know, I know what you mean. For example, the other night I had a dream in which I lost my car. And when I finally found it, it was full of dismembered limbs. Now, is all of that gore really necessary?.

Yes, you can’t close your eyes without being bombarded with horrible images: wild animals, crazed killers. A blood drenched Best Buy employee trying to sell you a dead baby. Yes, studies have shown the majority of people who are convicted of violent crimes have a history of dreaming. Yes, but aren’t people intelligent enough.

To know the difference between dream violence and real life violence? Yes they are. Now I have a recurring dream where I kill each one of you with a hack saw, then hide your dismembered bodies underneath this table, but that does not mean that I’m going to act on that because I know it’s not real.

No matter how vivid each nuance of my murder of each one of you might be. The statistics show the dream inspired violence is on the rise. My dreams got so violent I stopped sleeping months ago. When was the last time you actually slept Nancy? Get those motherfucking spiders off of me. It’s terrible. Most dreams these days are just sex and violence.

Strung together with meaningless dialog between me and a dolphin with a Yankees cap. Yes, the sexual content of dreams if often very inappropriate. Oh, it’s over the top. Filthy! Exactly, thank you Nancy. That sheep dog is filthy! The fact is it is time for the government to get involved.

And do something. yes, we need to demand accountability for the people who are responsible for these violent dreams. Prescription drug makers, networks that run late night movies, spicy food manufactures. But dreams are often triggered by repressed memories, so now we’re holding our memories accountable to?.

If that’s what we need to do to clean up our dreams, yes. This is the lowest price of the season. But I don’t need a dead baby. Then why did you go to Best Buy? Yes, it doesn’t make any sense. That’s what you came for. Now, don’t you see one you like?.

Sure Cuts A Lot 3 Path Menu Split Close Object to Path Reverse Path

Alright so in this tutorial we are just going to be going over some path menu items that we can do to these shapes. So I am going to go ahead and select a shape and this is the stuff that we are going to be talking about today which is the split path, reverse path, object to path and close path. So the first one that we will talk about here is the split path and in order to use that you are going to use your tool that is right up here call the shape tool. I am going to.

Go ahead and click that and once you do that you will see that nodes pop up right away and for example with the split path you need to select two nodes in order to split. So I am just going to go ahead and split this in half. So I am going to hold the shift button down while I am clicking. So I click that first node then I have got the shift button held down and I click the second button and then I can go up to path, split path and as you can see the black color has gone away that’s kind of letting you know that hey these.

Are now open paths and you can see that i can separate them. so that’s the split path. Alright so let’s go ahead move on to object to path. Alright so object to path just wanted to show you a quick example on this of what object to paths will do. It will take that object and it will create it to a path. So I have this circle here and I’m going to go ahead and copy it and I am going to go ahead and paste it real quick. So I am going to go ahead and copy and I then I am going to go ahead and paste.

Alright let me drag that over here. alright so i have two circles here and i’m going to convert both of them to a lattice effect. So I am going to go ahead and right click here I am going to go to appearance lattice and I am just going to hit OK and then I am going to go ahead over here and do the same thing. Right click, go to appearance, lattice and hit OK. Alright so I have two lattice effects that are the same thing and what I am going to do to one of them is that I’m just going to.

Go ahead and grow it; okay and then on the second one over here i’m going to go to path, object to path and I am going to do the same thing, I am going to grow it. Alright so you see the difference here. The object to path it actually resize the whole thing when I did not do the object to path it resized the oval, but it recalculated the lattice effect automatically. So that’s one way of using that object to path works. Now this works with rhinestones as well as well.

As the lattice. Alright so the next thing is over here the text. So if I select the text over here and I go to the shape tool you notice that I don’t get any nodes, but if I select the football helmet I do get nodes. So another way for object path to work is, I like to convert this text to a path and as you can see if I scroll down over here from my Properties window that I can still modify this text.

So once i have the touchdown selected and if i go to path ; if i go to object to path you will notice that the Properties window it will; I will no longer have that option to convert any of that text or edit that text . So once you’ve convert it to a path you are now stuck with the text being a path so that’s another way to use object to path. So you may ask yourself why I would want to convert text to a path. Well basically if you use your shape tool over here you’d be able to actually modify these nodes on the.

Text so that would be one reason why you’d want to convert your text to a path but then again you lose the ability to use your text tool over here in order to edit the text. Alright so moving to the next item is the close path and I am going to go ahead and choose that tab here and what I have here is a pumpkin that I’ve split in half already and what close path will do It will actually take the line right here and it will close path to the line over here. All you have to do is select the shape you.

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