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How To Maximize Mac Battery Life

Hi, my name is Vladimir and in this tutorial I will show you How to increase the battery life of iPhone while on standby The end result is doubling the battery life while on standby and not need to charge for up to 2 and a half days.

Here is the procedure on how to achieve this: To begin, go to Settings scroll down and press on General scroll down again and press on Background App Refresh and turn it off. Now go back again to the main menu.

And press on privacy. Press on Location Services and press on Share My Location to turn it off. Go back and scroll down until you find System Services Press on it and turn off all the services except Compass Calibration, Find My iPhone and Motion Calibration. Most of these other services are used for Ads or analytics, so you don’t really need them.

You can also enable the status bar icon so that every time some app uses your location, it will be shown to you in the status bar. After you switched off all the unused services, go back to the previous menu, and press on Diagnostic Usage Data. Here, press on Don’t Send and go back again to the previous menu. Now, press on Advertising.

And make sure that the option to limit ad tracking is enabled. You cannot turn off Ad Tracking completely, but this way you can limit it. Now this next step is the most important in battery saving. First, make sure you’re connected to your WiFi network and from the main menu press on Cellular and disable Cellular Data. That’s it!.

You’ve just doubled the battery life in standby on your iphone! Here is the reason why this procedure works: The iPhone uses your Mobile Internet for push notifications even when you are connected to WiFi. If you’re already connected to WiFi, disabling cellular data makes all the data go through WiFi and drastically reduces the battery usage, especially when the iPhone is on standby.

Save Battery Life All Mobile Phones Top 5 Real Battery Saving Tips

Five suggestions to increase the life span of your battery with more and more applications and features to be present on mobile devices it is natural that there is an increasing use of smartphones and therefore less and less battery time these are the top five tips to increase the battery time up your mobile device did quit applications jump between applications is very useful.

But the most inattentive can leave open applications in which consume too much battery close all applications as soon you no longer need them decrease the brightness of the screen if you are in a welllit area you do not need the screen with the strong light most smartphones have automatically adjustable brightness to the ambient light.

But there are also those who need to be manually changed reduce the screen timer in addition to the light are also you have to worry about the time that your screen is active if you are reading something on the internet it is natural to want the active as long as possible.

But if you are trying to save energy you better cut down to a minimum well turn off wifi if your wifi connection is always on your smartphone will be constantly searching for a connection point an effort that will have an impact on battery longevity do not use vibration.

Too much energy to vibrate the smartphone is needed you may think it is useful but it will be better for you if you have this feature disabled even in meetings it will be best to opt for silent mode and choose only to have the screen facing you but and this was the top five tips to increase the battery life up your mobile.

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