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How To Make Your Mac Startup Faster

Hi in today’s tutorial I’m going to showyou little tips on how to clean your Mac on everything I’m going to show you today isfree so there’s nothing that you’re going to have to pay for basically these are simple ways to clean your Mac keeping it optimize and fast and also making sure that hard drive spaceis not being used up by cache files and log files thathave gotten blown up over time

and you really can’t see them unless youkinda dig down deep into a whole bunch of folders so I’mgonna show you little tips on how to find those log files those cache andalso how to simply keep your computers random access memory or virtual memory as clean and as available as possible sothat your applications will run faster and is not sluggish while you working so the first thing we’re gonna talkabout is how to clean your memory

so when I’m speaking about memory I’mtalking about random access memory and one of theapplications that I recommend for this which I’ve been using and I useactually throughout the day as I’m working is something calledmemory clean II will put a link to this in thecomments area of this tutorial but you can download it for free here oryou can get it in the Apple Store which it’s alsofree and when you download it just install it

from the Mac App Store like any of theother apps install into your Applications folder look for the application called memoryclean but eventually after it installs willput a little item up here this little clock item thatwill show you that you can clean I your memory fromthis little area so it makes it very available it also shows you how muchmemory you have available and if your memory goes in the red overhere it usually means you probably need

to clean it a call for this program is you actually do not have to restart yourcomputer you can clean your memory or throughout the day so when is there abig memory hog that happens while you working you mightask one of the ways is when you’re in photoshop and you have done a lot of retouching in Photoshopand now that you’ve done with it you’re not really going to use Photoshopfor lets say the next 2 hours but meanwhile there’s a whole bunch ofcache that is

space that is kinda being taken upby that program so a nice way to clean it would be usinga program such as this and it’s free so all you do is come up here click on it and then you hit this littleblue button called clean memory as you can see it’s going through theprocess so we were at shoot gigabytes let’s see if we get any more available I actually cleaned up before the tutorialso we won’t get too much more by Albert see what if we get a little bitmore than 2.3

How to Make Windows 10 Faster Boot Startup Settings

Hello YouTube. This is Praveen for TechEmpty.In this tutorial I will be showing you how to Make Windows 10 Boot Faster by adjusting fewsettings of your Windows 10 Startup. Generally, after the completion of Windows 10 Installation,you will get predefined settings adjusted to the configuration of your computer. But,these default settings won’t actually give you better performance and the effect canbe directly seen when the computer starts up. So, by tweaking few settings you can enjoyfaster booting of Windows 10 operating system. So, without any further I do, let’s get started!First thing is to set up the system settings. This actually improves the performance ofWindows 10 and no where related to startup.

Right click on the Windows Icon and selectSystem from the list. You can even select the Properties of My Computer. In the leftpane, select quot;Advanced System Settingsquot; then make sure you are in quot;Advancedquot; tab. Now selectthe settings of Performance then select quot;Adjust for best performancequot; or if you aware aboutthe options available, then select quot;Customquot; and then pick the best that you would liketo have. To save, choose quot;Applyquot; and then quot;OKquot;. And quot;OKquot; again.By doing this, you are now disabled unnecessary animations that slowdown’s the computer.Second thing is to change few configuration settings. To proceed further, open Run bypressing quot;Windows + Rquot; keys together and the

type quot;msconfigquot;. You can even use search boxto do the same. Now the console will show you the System ConfigurationDialogue box. Here nothing to do with General settings.Move to Boot tab, click on quot;Advanced Optionsquot; then select quot;Number of Processorsquot; and thenmake the selection to the maximum available. In my case it is 4.And tick Maximum Memory and make it to the RAM size. The math is simple. If you have4GB of RAM then multiply the same with 1024. In my case it is 4096 since I have 4 GB ofRAM installed. on OK to save the changes. Now here select quot;No GUI bootquot; which disablesGraphical User Interface during startup, Change

timeout to 4 seconds and make sure to tickquot;Make all boot settings Permanentquot; before moving to quot;Servicesquot; tab.Here in Services tab, select quot;Hide all Microsoft servicesquot; and check all the available serviceswhich are necessary to run after booting up the Windows 10 operating system.Now move to quot;Startupquot; Tab then open the Task Manager to disable few startup settings thateffects the performance of Windows 10 startup. Now review all the applications which youneed to load soon after booting Windows 10 operating system. Make sure not to disableany Microsoft applications that are necessary to run the computer perfectly. To enable ordisable, select the application then click

on the button here.After all changing the System Configuration settings, on quot;Applyquot; then confirm thechanges by pressing OK and OK again. Now reboot the Computer to apply the changedsettings. That’s it. If you face any issues do commentbelow. Do share or thumb up this tutorial if it found useful. Please don’t forget tosubscribe to our channel for more tutorials and do follow us on Facebook and Twitter.Your contribution is more to us. This is Praveen Signing off. Hope to see you in my next tutorial.Thank you.

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