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How To Keep Your Mac Desktop Clean

In this tutorial you’ll learn why your applecomputer is running slow and how you could fix it without being a tech guru. That’s coming up! (music) The first thing we need to do is run a diagnostic test this software won’t harm your computerit was made by members of Apple ‘s support community. The diagnostic tool is registered with Apple and is 100% percent completely safe and useful. I’ll go to www.etresoft and download the program. On this page we want to click Etrecheck application and now we’re ready to download by clicking the download button

in the upperright corner. To findthe download most times it’ll be stored in your downloads folder on your Mac which we can access through the Finder. Open a new window go to downloads and I can see the archives file here I’ll double click on it to extract it and there’s application because it’s anapplication I’m going to drag it into my Applications folder using this handyfavorites sidebar. I’ll click drag and drop it when the application’s is highlighted inblue. I’ll click on the Applications folder to go there quickly and I’ll double click on Etrecheck to launch it. Click ok because we know this is safe. Start a test by clicking on the start Etrecheck button. Depending on how many files you have it as you might take a

few minutes to maybe twenty to complete the test. Let’s analyze my results. Yours will be different but the program does a great job ofexplaining what it finds good or bad there’s a lot of information here I’llhighlight the ones that have to do with the slow computer the first one is your computer’s memoryor RAM. If you don’t have enough to carry out what you’re asking your computer todo your computer will be sluggish we need to find out if RAM is a problemfirst and if it is if we could upgrade the amount of RAM we have

I’ll scroll down the report to memory usage section I can see that Google Chrome Helper is taking up a lot of my availablememory the next bit of data to help us is the virtual memory informationwhat we’re looking for is the amount of cached RAM to be less than the amount offree RAM and in my case it’s not what do we do with these two bits of info then theeasy fix would be to make sure you don’t have Google Chrome windows open that you don’t need so close any tabs and windows that you’re not using regularlySecond, I use Google Drive heavily on my desktop to sync my computer’s files witha hard drive in the cloud, Google Drive.

I could turn this service off and see ifthat reduces the amount of RAM Google Chrome Helper is using. If that didn’t workor even if it did I would then check to see if I could upgrade the total amount ofRAM I have in my computer RAM is fairly inexpensive and easy to install for lessthan $100 I might be able to get more RAM and solve my problem. To checkand see if I can add more RAM handy link at the top of this report I can see thatI have 8 gigabytes of RAM and that’s all my laptop can handle so adding more RAM isn’t an option for me. I’ll close all open chrome windows I’m not

using and see if my computer becomes faster, if it doesn’t I try to disable my Google Drive syncing to see if that helps speedup my computer there’s one more quick solution to help speed up your computerif your issue is your browser that we’ll cover shortly. The next important piece of information in diagnosing a slow computer is the top processes by CPU. If you don’t need aprogram running that is go ahead and quit that program. The last item to help slow computer in this report is malware. If Etrecheck detects malware it will let you know howto deal with it, you’ll download another safe

Clean Protect Your MAC LIVE

Hello everyone and welcome to the class. Weare live right now and we have over 800 people signed up for today’s class just throughGoToMeeting. We have another several hundred tuning in live through YouTube. We are talkingtoday about how to clean and protect your Mac. This class is going to be broken intotwo different segments. We’re going to start with protecting your Mac and then we’regoing to move on to cleaning your Mac; meaning just making a little bit of extra space sothat you have more availability for your actual files instead of that stuff that you don’teven think about that takes up space. So before we started recording, I asked thelive audience here a question about antivirus

software. Does a Mac need antivirus software?Let me give you the basic answer. The one thing that seems to affect Macs and is notuncommon is something that is not dangerous; it’s referred to as AdWare. For those ofyou who have gotten to know me over the years of doing these classes you know I’m a bigfan of metaphors. I’m going to use a metaphor right now and I don’t want to come off asoffensive, I’m just trying to give you an idea of how to picture this. Calling AdWarea virus is a little bit like calling the common cold, cancer. These are two completely differentanimals. AdWare is not harmful to your computer andI saw one person in chat already give me indication

that they may have it. I’ll give you thesymptoms of AdWare: you can get random popups, you may have ads on sites where there shouldn’tbe ads, you may click a link for one site and be rerouted to another, and it can evenchange your homepage. In that case there are two very, very simple pieces of software (bothare free), that I tend to recommend to all of my clients. Now for those of you who are not live rightnow, I want to make a very strong recommendation. Anytime I recommend a piece of hardware, Ialways give you a link in the description of the tutorial. The reason for that is withmany of these products if you try to Google

them, a lot of what you’re going to findare fake versions of the software. It’s actually AdWare, so please, please use thelinks I provide to you. The first one here is made by a friend ofmine, Thomas Reed. He’s a smart dude and the owner of a great blog called, “SafeMac.â€� He created a piece of software called, AdWare Medic. The direct link is Adwaremedic and all you do is click, “Download.â€� It’s a very lightweight piece of software andit goes into your “Downloadsâ€� folder. Open it up and it’s going to ask you todrag it into the “Applicationsâ€� folder. Bytheway, whenever you see a screen likethis, what it wants you to do is to take this

icon and drag it and drop it here. Let’s go into it so you can see what itlooks like. All you have to do is hit “Scan For AdWare,â€� it will search your whole systemand only takes a few seconds to run. In my case, because I am live right now and doingnumerous things at once, it may take longer but it scans through your system and triesto detect anything in the background. If it does, it will give you the opportunity withone click to remove it. One thing I want to mention with this softwareis if it finds anything you will need to empty your trash, restart your computer, and thenlook again at the trash. You may need to empty

it a second time because if it’s runningat the time you trash it, it won’t let you empty the trash. Be mindful about that, butknow this is a great piece of software and it’s free. Some of my buddies at Apple inApple Care even recommend this to their folks. Now the other one, I have to be very, verycareful how I talk about this piece of software. Some of you know how deep this rabbit holegoes, others may not. The other piece of software is called DetectX and it is made by a companycalled SQWARQ. They have a bunch of different pieces of software they make and the one we’retalking about is, DetectX. What it does is to look for a piece of software that I havepersonally come to refer to, and I don’t

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