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How To Get A Command Prompt On A Mac

Why CommandLine Interface CLI

Hello some people ask us, why do Linux users use command line terminal a lot? many of them believe that now is the 21st century and age of terminal has passed and soon it will be put away. if you think in this way, I hope this tutorial changes your mind. using command line is because of several reasons: first of all it is because command line is so powerful. it supports everything you need. you can download from a direct link check md5 of downloaded file.

Extract files easily install softwares start and stop services upgrade all softwares kill processes having access to your FTP account and upload to and download from it open new URL in your browser you can set it in a task scheduler.

Or force your browser to refresh the current page you can change size and location of running windows changing mac address record screen play the recorded tutorial or even watch a tutorial in textmode for fun you can start, save or stop your virtual machines from command line and even schedule them.

Removing all metadata including GPS location from an image resize an image or tutorial making DVD iso image from a folder or from other image formats mount a DVD image even though GUI is more convenient, its has a lot of limits you cannot analyze the output results in GUI while you can do it in command line. in command line you can store output results into variables and use them several times and you can use pipe lines to cascade commands.

Terminal is more flexible. you can run some complex commands that cannot be run on GUI applications for example you can check temperature of CPU and sent it as an email message you can send messages about space on your hard disk, log files or other stuffs your can run your commands on a folder recursively and implement regular expressions. also you can use wildcards such as asterisk or question mark for example search a text within files of a folder recursively regular expressions are useful to catch complex phrases such as special URL inside a web page.

Downloading ranges of URLs is another advantage of command line command line enables you to use switches which gives you variety of options while in GUI too many menu items and options will distract you. documentation and tutorial In Linux forums instead of sending words such as rightclick or menu items you see commands to be copypasted into your command line terminal. you don’t need to provide screenshot of your errors and your tutorials too. doing login into another computer via command line is easy and it needs very low bandwith.

If you have worked with teamviewer via slow Internet connection, you may find Secure Shell very interesting. command line also keeps history of commands that you have run before, as many as you set. command line and varieties unruly misuses as you know, in Linux world users like anarchism and there are so many Linux distributions although in different distributions the default GUIs are different, you can run most of commands of one distribution on the other one.

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