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How To Fix Mac Problems

Hey everyone, this is erickj92 from , and here i will be showing you how to repair your disk permissions. So first you want to go down to Applications, Utilities and then Disk Utility. Just wait for it to load real quick. Then select your main Hard Drive and click Verify Disk Permissions. This is just going to take a few minutes. I’ve sped up the tutorial to save you some time. Okay it’s just about done here. As you can see it’s found a few different permissions that are corrupt on my system. Okay. ONce that’s done you want to click Repair.

Disk permissions. this again will take a little bit of time, so just sit here and wait while it does. On average it can take anywhere from a minute to ten minutes or possibly even more, depending on your system. Right here it didn’t take long because I only have a few disk permissions that are wrong. And now you can see it’s already repairing most of them. Okay it’s just about done here, and once it completes you have gotten all your permissions repaired. Congratulations! Just close out of the window and go back to what you were doing. Thanks for watching!.

How to reindex and fix Spotlight search issues on Mac OS X

Hi, this tutorial shows how to rebuild spotlight index in mac os x. Go to system preference, and click on spotlight icon. When spotlight window appears, select privacy tab. Now, go to computer finder, drag and drop here the drives you want to reindex, or use this + button to add. You can even reindex folders and external drives as well.

To check on the indexing status, just click on spotlight search button right here. If status not showing here, just type some search words, something like adobe. Yeah, here it is!!! You can also use the terminal app to rebuild spotlight index. Go to utilities, launch terminal app, and enter this command with drive or folder path.

Lets say you want to reindex this drive entertainer, type its path right here and press enter. Then you may have to type in your administrator password. When you do this, you would get a message indicating that the index will be rebuilt. In case you are not sure about the exact drive name or path, there is an easier way out.

Type in first part of this command, then drag and drop the drive right here from the finder window. Thats it!!! If you like this tutorial, don’t forget to click the subscribe button. Thank you. Bye!.

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