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How To Fix Ichat On Mac

How to fix iMessagesms problem with iOS8 update iPhoneiPad

Hello everyone today I’m going to show you how to fix the i misses problem that you’ve probably been experiencing since Apple has done their recent Iowa update a lot of people have been complaining that the are receiving their text messages or you know they were trying to speak with their friends and families I members and they’ve not the receiving I message is ur you know SMS and is so different things above.

That sir so I’m gonna show you how to fix that today you need a apple computer and you need to make sure that you have I message installed on your Apple Computer so have I message opened here you know the messages application sorry it’s not my messages it’s the messages application on the Apple Computer which is equivalent i misses are you have for or iPad so what you want to do is at.

The message is a a tab or you know Preferences tab appear are sexy click on the preferences arm I you know tab here and the you have this box it’ll come up your need to make sure that shown the account speech okay and if you notice so here you know I have a happy idea to have all a map information a prior to Apple’s update this.

Was not available the not have this information was he reaches showed Scion out details Apple ID and then I it’s pretty much are you got and so since Apple is done there updates it also simultaneously updated the messages application on our love the Apple computers on and so now whenever you need to said in a message arm or a thing about nature or change the settings for the for that matter.

You can just simply changing with the messages application at all so it is to be updated and so what you need to do to have the information here appear is just simply a click the enable this account for in and what that does is it refreshes the I message account information simultaneously for you at a computer and for your Apple device and so you just see click enable this account again and I’m a the options below.

Bill appearance right now is to its is simultaneously a fitting everything in authorizing all your devices to pretty much sync with the messages application on the computer okay on make sure you have all those the I or you know your YouTube methods have contact with her your people who contact you selected here and at the bottom the most important part is you want to make sure that the start new.

Conversations from option has your phone number so that they know who you notice our have I my I have my email address the reason why I have my email address is because I’m currently in France and I need to sneak communicate with my friends and family in the US so so that’s reason why I have mainly just slept here but you just wanna make sure you have your phone number selected okay now what you do that you’ll get a a message automatically or.

Mac Screen Sharing Through the Messages App 1174

Hi, this is Gary with MacMost . In this episode let me show you how to help out somebody by taking control of their Mac starting with the Messages app. Maybe you’ve been in this situation before. You want to help somebody out. Maybe a parent, maybe a child, somebody that is not at your location and they are having trouble with their Mac or maybe they are just trying to figure out how to do something and you know how to do it. It’s difficult sometimes to tell them over the phone or using email how to help them. But you can take control of their screen using ScreenSharing. Now a lot of time this involves.

Configuring exactly where they are, what their IP address is, setting things up on their Mac and all that. But the simplest way to do it is to start by using the Messages app. If you are using iMessage to communicate with them with the Messages app on your Mac and their Mac you can very easily take over their screen and show them how to do something or do it for them. So I’m going to start off by just going into the Messages app. If you don’t have the messages app yet configured for you or the person that you’re trying to help then you want to just go into Messages and you go into Preferences, add your account to it, and of course have.

Them do the same thing. You can use your email address, usually your Apple ID address right there, as the way to contact them. Now that I’ve got mine set up and they have theirs set up, and I have it here on my laptop next to my desktop, I’m going to contact them using the Apple ID of the other machine. Again this is on my desk where I have two machines on my desk. But this can be somebody halfway around the world. I’m going to type a message now at the bottom. Just something that will get this going. You can see here on the other screen I’ve got a message and I can respond.

Great. So now that I’ve done that, of course you can use this for normal chatting, but if you want to help the person out on a technical issue you can click on the Details button here and then click on this ScreenSharing button and you can either invite them to share your screen or you can ask them to share their screen. So we’ll ask to share their screen. You can see on the other machine here we have a notification that we have to Accept. Once we do we go into ScreenSharing. So now we’ve got that and they’re going to hear our voice over their speaker. So you’re doing something similar to FaceTime and you are actually communicating with voice. Just.

Audio only. This is their screen and I’m seeing inside of a window here. You can see when I go in I can hone in on it at specific spot and they will see there which spot I’m looking at. Now if I want to control what they’ve got you can see I have it set to binoculars for observe mode. I can switch to control mode and they’ll get a question there of whether or not they want to do it. Now you can see I’m actually controlling their cursor. So I can do things. For instance I can run an app or just anything I want down here. I’m basically controlling their cursor.

And their keyboard. So I can run Safari. So I’ll run Safari on their machine and I can type. So if I was going to doing something like say show them how to configure something on their Mac I can do that by going to System Preferences and actually doing it. So I can now use all the standard ScreenSharing things here. I can even use the Shared Clipboard. I can set the scaling so I can actually see their screen at full size and then move my cursor around to adjust where I’m looking. When I’m done with this I can actually just quit ScreenSharing or close the window here and now we return here where we are just back in the regular Messages chat and I’ve helped them out.

So this is great for helping out a relative, a parent, a child, anybody that needs help with their Mac from your Mac. It really works best when you’re both using the latest operating system. If they’re using too old of an OS or you are then it’s not going to work out. So you want to make sure that everybody is up to date to begin with. Then you can provide technical assistance to those you want just by using Messages. Not having to setup anything special with your router or using any special software. You can just do this by using the Messages app between two Macs. Now this whole thing can be thwarted by some advanced security protections, firewalls,.

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