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How To Draw A Picture On A Mac

What up, beautiful people? It is your homegirl, Ms. Shameless, all up in her new space, this new office, guys, and I’m breaking down with tech talk with you on how I take my photos on Instagram and how I edit them and how I achieve the beautiful collage.

That is @mayasworld. make sure you guys follow me. Oh, and if you want to win a giveaway with the cool, awesome people at Native Union, make sure you read the description box. But they sent me these amazing products that I wanted to tie in,.

Because i am always on this bad boy. I’m constantly taking photos, Snapchatting, especially when I’m on the road, when I’m at an event. My phone is always, forever at 24 percent. So I always need to charge. Now, I have my charger, which is from Puku Light,.

Which i love and am obsessed with, but this doesn’t even last the entire day. What I love about this line, Native Union the cable is really great quality. It’s 10 feet long, so I can be plugged into the wall and I can walk away and still be on my phone.

This is the night cable. yes, winning. The Night Cable has this weighted ball at the end, so it prevents the cable from falling off your desk when you’re trying to charge it. Then they have another cable which is the Jump Cable. Not only attaches to your battery pack,.

It also has a backup battery reserve. So this is gone and done halfway through the day. Then my phone still gets back to 24 percent. This has an extra 15 to 30 percent inside of it. Don’t rely on it as a battery source. Use it as a backup. So use it with your charger.

And last but not least, this is my workstation. And when I’m charging my phone, I want to be able to read all the notifications that are coming in. This is the Native Union dock. Charging, working you’ve got to multitask.

When you’re living that life. Now, my Instagram what I’ve come to learn it’s all about the feed, the collective, the bigger picture. Before, I just would pulse whatever I wanted to, because it’s instant. Instagram. I want to get my gram on instantly.

Print a Drawing Layout AutoCAD 2013 for Mac

After you finish your design, youll likely need to share it with others. A drawing layout organizes one or more views of your design on a virtual sheet of paper. A layout usually contains a title block, one or more viewports, and annotation. Lets take a look at the steps for creating a layout. The number of layouts in your drawing depends on the template you used to create the drawing. You can edit existing layouts or create new ones. Ill create a New Layout by clicking.

The layout list on the status bar and choosing create new layout. All new layouts include a default page setup and viewport. The viewport controls which area of the design to show and at which scale. For this layout, Ill show you how to edit the page setup, insert a title block, and create your own viewport. Ill start by erasing the default viewport. I use the Page Setup Manager to change the output device and paper size for the layout.

Now im ready to insert my title block. first, ill set the title block layer current and use the Insert command to insert my title block. Next, Ill define a viewport to display my design. I set the Viewports layer current and create a new viewport. Ill size the Viewport to fit inside my title block. I can select my viewport to change the scale at which my design is displayed, then choose.

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