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How To Detect A Virus On A Mac

There’s a common beliefamong Mac users that they don’t have to worry about protectingtheir computers from viruses and other cyber threats. But while machines running Mac operatingsystems cannot be infected by Windows viruses, they can certainly transmit. This is concerning forthose sharing files with friends or ofcourse coworkers as well,

or for households and companiesusing a mix of Macs and PCs. If you only use Apple computers,well, do you need to worry? The short answer is yes. Now, let’s talk about why. The amount of Mac specific malicioussoftware, including spyware and root kits, remains negligible compared toother platforms, but it does exist. The first examples of Macmalware date back to 2004. Since then, more threats havebeen developed against Macs.

Researchers have detected andidentified over 10 new malware families specificallytargeting Macs in recent years. The truth is that no operatingsystem is 100% secure. And even if it were,vulnerabilities in applications can be exploited by malware. An effective antivirus programactually adds layers of security and decreases the exposureto potential threats. Now naturally, many people purchase Macsbecause they value the user experience,

the aesthetics, the intuitivedesign of the system. Some of course though, may hesitate toinstall an intrusive antivirus software in fear of compromising this experience. But it’s important to note thatthere are also antivirus software options that will enhancethe Apple experience and won’t slow you downwith disruptive popups. This software protects yourMacs so you can play, create, and explore without worry.

I’m Scott Steinberg, signing off.

How to Remove ADWARE MALWARE VIRUS on MAC OSX for FREE for iMac MacBook Pro MacBook Air

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