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How To Control Iphone From Mac

Hi all today I’m going to show you a totally cool new feature in Yosemite a new feature that a lot of people don’t know about you might of heard about airplay where I’ve shown you a tutorial on how you setup your Apple TV and your computer basically its done with an iPad or laptop connected to your Apple tv and your television.

But in this case we’re gonna just connect ipad directly to any computer obviously has to be Mac running yosemite and and iPad or an iPhone device running IOS8 using just the lightning cable the same cable you use to plugin you are on iPad or iPhone directly to your computer into your USB port where you charge and where you sync your device so it’s no.

Different than the cable your using already Plug in your Ipad to your computer once you plug it in and there’s a simple way to set this up anything that’s going on on your iPhone the right there will be emulated right there on your screen so you still have all your touch features available here but it shows up.

On your computer screen over here so i’m gonna show you how to set that up right now it’s really easy and it’s a totally cool feature in Yosemite that I think you really appreciate it. So here’s how to set it up you goto the go menu and select your Applications folder and look for an application called quicktime player open it up, once it opens up.

Hit the done button over there and go to file and select new movie recording when that opens up it should start and it will default to your FaceTime camera switch it over here in this pull down to your iPad and once you do so if you get it right give it a minute and you will see your iPad or iPhone screen on your Mac.

You actually have a life simulation of what’s going on I’m sure you can try out different things with this and as you can see it’s moving along with my touch it is live on as you can see I’m doing all by touching the iPad device and it’s moving around that’s all there is to set it up it’s a a new.

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