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How To Clear Up Space On Your Mac Hard Drive

Hi, this is harish bali from technfoare . there are couple of ways to clear space on mac. First things first, It’s important to identify where your large files are stored, for that disk inventory x for mac is a good tool. You can download it from this particular site. i have given the link in the description below. on the download link, i have already done that, so i am opening it. DIX universal, this is the setup. Disk inventory X open, if you like this tool, you can do it later. Select the hard drive and open volume.

Loading folder content, it will show you all the alloted space on you hard disk in a break down manner. It should take anytime between 1 to 5 minutes depending upon the usage of the hard disk. It is showing me visually what files types are occupying how much space for example applications are 14 and a half Gigabytes camtasia recordings 6.8 Gb. so i know this is here. if i click here, these are the files which are occupying these many memory slots on my hard drive. I can identify the ones that i want to delete or if want to delete.

All, simply do a right click one by one and put them to trash. if i want to see where these files are located, i can again do a right click and reveal in finder. There is another way to identify large files and delete them without using this particular app, let me show you that. Go to finder click any where on the left hand side either on documents or downloads then put a dot on the search window, its searching for all the files and folders on this mac. Once you see these files click on this mac. click on this plus button.

That you see on the top right then from this filter, go to other and look for file type. simply search for it here file size. select it, ok. Now put a filter file size is greater than. it depends upon what kind of files you wish to identify. I am putting it currently as 20 Mb. This is the filter of the files which are greater than 20 Mb on my mac system. These are little haphazard, so i would like to look at it from a application filter perspective, so similar applications are grouped together, you can see that clearly. These are my mac.

Tutorial recording files, i don’t really need them to be there, i am selecting it by holding shift key. Now if i want to have a look at the total size that i am going to delete for that i can do a control, command and I from keyboard and its occupying 7.9 Gb of my disk space. Now to delete these files simply do a right click and move to trash. So these are moved to trash. This is the trash can, do a right click on the trash can and empty it. empty. You can scan through other files and folders and follow a similar process to.

Delete those unwanted files and applications. lets now move to another way to clear space on mac for that go to launch pad. This is about clearing space from imovies and photo booth. Lets look at i movies first, in older versions of mac, there was separate trash for imovies and photo booth but now there is one. Identify the tutorials you don’t need, do a right click and simply move it to trash. You can select multiple tutorials and follow the same steps, move to trash. Identify the movies from all events or projects that you.

Don’t need. let;’s now look at photo booth , you need to follow similar process there also. Do a right click on the pics not needed and delete them. Don’t forget to do a right click on the trash and empty it. Next thing you could do is press command and space bar from your keyboard and type photos. If there are some photos you don’t need any more, simply delete them and then setup preferences from this photos from the top left preferences. I cloud on many mac systems you will see this set to download originals to this mac.

I would suggest you to select this option optimize mac storage. this will store the photos and tutorials on i cloud. Also uncheck this option my photo stream, in my case its already unchecked. So this will no automatically download the photos on my mac system, until you ask for it. Another way to save space on mac is by setting preferences on cloud storage, if you use Google drive or dropbox or any other cloud storage service on your system, what you can do is set the preferences, so here i am on Google drive, here it is.

Free up space on your Mac 2016

Limpiar tu macbook puede ser un poco dificil Porque aveces aunque borres la aplicacin El espacio nunca regresa a su normalidad y tu disco duro sigue sin espacio con las nuevas macbooks es importante limpirarlas porque los discos slidos tienen mucho menos espacio.

Podemos empesar con las aplicaciones que nos estamos usando Es critico que limpiemos las computadoras regularmente Podemos empezar viendo cuanto espacio tenemos en el disco duro La forma mas facil de limpiar la computadora es con programas designados para hacer esto.

Hay muchas aplicaciones que puedes usar pero en mi opinion esta es la mas facil de usar y es gratis asi que es la que yo recomiendo no tiene extras que no necesitas empieza con ir a la pagina que esta en la descripcion de este tutorial.

Una vez que lleges a esta pagina el programa programa se instala solo una vez que termine abre el programa tu macbook puede preguntar si estas seguro que la quiere instalar en tu computadora Para instalar la solo as click en la aplicacion y muevela a la carpeta La aplicacin ya se instalo.

Ahora puedes ir al cohete en la barra de abajo Busca la aplicacin y asle click dos veces confirma que la deseas habriri una vez que el programa este abierto solo presiona Scan en la izquierda de la pagina.

Y despues en el centro de la pagina esta pasara por todas las carpeta viendo que se puede borrar una vez que termine la aplicacin te dira cuanto espacio se peude crear si borras todas la informacion que no es necesaria el programa no borra nada de importancia.

Este programa solo borra informacion que no as usado o que as borrado pero realmente nunca se borro una vez que estes satisfecho con los nmeros puedes presionas en el boton y el proceso empezara esto puede tomar varios minutos dependiendo en cuanto trabajo tenga que hazer una vez que termine puedes cerrar el programa y hacer click en la manzana.

A la izquierda y dirigirte a disco duro hay podrs ver cuanto espacio se a creado y cuanto esta disponible ahora borraremos el programa ya no se necesita esta tomando espacio solo dirijete a applicaciones despus busca el programa y muvelo a el bote de basura.

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