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How To Clean Your Mac Pro Inside

Hey you think different right You made a super smart choice by buying that mid 2009 macbook pro, you know, except for all the money you spent on it. Let’s say hypothetically you need to replace the battery or track pad, because hypothetically a Mac can break. And you don’t know any geniuses or maybe it’s out of warranty and it’s just not the same since Tim Cook took over. Or you know, whatever. It’s pretty easy to tell if your track pad is out of whack. It starts jumping around erratically. This is sort of a common problem.

And it’s super easy to fix. I suggest googling erratic track pad mac book pro first just to do a little research and see if you can fix it in other ways by positive thinking or snake oil. Okay so you’ve Googled and Googled or maybe you’re just not a positive person. And you just want to replace the track pad. To do this you’re gonna need a few tools. First of all, the track pad was pretty easy to find on eBay for about 35 bucks. You just need a few tools a tiny Phillips head screwdriver,.

A triwing screwdriver and a beer. Since you probably don’t have a triwing screwdriver unless you’re into fixin’ shit. You can find one cheap on eBay. The beers there for you to enjoy, you know, or to spill all over the exposed electronics. Okay so open the damn case. Just remove the screws with the Philips head screw driver. Ideally there’s 10 of them. Or in the case your shit’s not nice like this one. Some may have already fallen out. Okay so you gonna take out 8 to 10 screws or whatever.

Short and Easy Apple Macbook Pro Trackpad and Battery Replacement Tutorial Mid 2009 model

Uhh. you notice that there’s gonna be a few screws near the hinge that are a little bit longer. Just make a note of where they go. Alright that was easy, now your genius! No not that kind of genius just an Apple Genius. Alright now if you just need to replace the battery, this will save you some time The batteries held in place by those two triwing screws. Remove those then remove the battery connector. Since I don’t have to replace my battery you’re going to have to imagine me putting in a.

New one and replacing the case. You can probably stop watching the tutorial now. You know, you’ve got things to do. So you’re sticking around because you need to finish up the track pad. You’ve got that art project. and tutorial with bizarre religious symbolism doesn’t edit itself, right Right. So to get to the track pad of course you have to remove the battery. Which you’ve already done. Cool. You’re awesome. Now take the screwdriver remove the tiny brackets used to hold the track pad in place. You may need have some tweezers on hand to pick them up.

There’s a total of eight four screws per side. After removing the screws, unplug the track pad from its connector. You’re gonna say well umm. you didn’t actually pull up the connector! Well I did, but I forgot to have the camera rolling. But you see that thing to the right of the screen to the right of the track pad, that’s the connector. It’s a simple pry up motion. Kinda like the battery connector. Then lift up and pull out the track pad. It’s kind of awkward and it isn’t quite as easy as this tutorial makes it look but that’s what editing is for.

To make something look like it took 5 minutes when it really took 30 minutes. Okay so awkwardly put the new track pad in. Then for stability make sure the computer is lying flat and it’s not opened at all. Replace those eight screws, they’re tiny so keep the tweezers close by in case you have the shakes. Plug in the track pad connector. Throw that damn battery pack back in with confidence, because you fixed something. Don’t forget to plug the battery back in. And grab that nice cover for the bottom of your computer. I don’t know.

It’s called an aluminum cover or something. Now replace the 8 to 10 screws. It should be 10 but remember this one was missing a few. And the meth should kick in right about now. Alright so flip it over, turn it on, and marvel at your skills. Skills possessed by only the most elite of retail mall technicians. And as a finishing thought, how about you clean up your computer. It’s filthy. Computer repaired was a Mid 2009 Macbook Pro 13 2.26 Ghz Core 2 Duo. This repair might work on several other.

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