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How To Clean Your Mac Keyboard And Screen

Alright welcome to How to Liveable my little YouTube channel where I just do tutorials based upon what ever happened to be thinking about at any given time. Today my MacBook screen is dirty so I thought I would clean it and show people how to clean it, it’s very simple there’s only a couple things to know turn off your computer, unplug your computer and you can clean it with just a damp rag. The key here is that the rag is damp and not wet so I just got a paper towel and I literally all I did was I got one tiny corner of it.

Wet just about that corner and the water spread to the whole paper towel. So now it’s just damp it’s not going to drip anything onto my computer and I can just clean up my screen, get any smudges off of it and it will be as good as new. So that’s really all you need to know about this process just make sure that the rag is damp and not soaking wet and you’ll be able to kind of actually apply some gentle pressure to your screen and get any.

Smudges off of it. And then once you are done you can go over it with a dry rag let’s have a little bit of a dry spot on here so I’m going to probably just kind of go over it with the dry spot and get the rest of the smudges off. So that’s basically it is a lot cleaner I may take one more go of it after this tutorial but that’s how you clean your MacBook screen. Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed this hit subscribe thank you also to my recent.

How to Clean a Macbook Screen

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