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How To Clean Your Mac Foundation Brush

Hi guys its Heather with Makeup by Heather B. I’m excited to share this tutorial with you today, so I had a recent request from one of my followers to do a tutorial on makeup brushes so there are so many different things we could cover about brushes, so we’re going to keep this pretty simple and we’re just gonna go over and maybe what brushes you should have in your makeup bag no matter what ok we’ll keep it very simple because this is a bit overwhelming so unless you’re a professional makeup artist you do not need that many brushes so I’m.

Gonna go over with you just some of my essentials that would be good to have in your makeup bag and what to use them for. Alright, so let’s get started with face brushes so I love this brush for face makeup, a lot of women will ask my, well why do I need to use a brush to put my foundation on with so I wanna do a really quick demo for you to show you the difference between using a brush, your fingers or using a sponge, k so we’ve got our little foundation here and.

Lets say we are gonna use our fingers, k so you use your fingers, you get the foundation on your rubbing it on your skin or let’s say you might be the woman that uses a sponge, so you get your product in your sponge, you go to put it on putting on your cheaks, k alright so then maybe you’re the woman that uses a brush to put your foundation on with, there’s all types of different brushes you can use to put your foundation on with but we’re going to use this firm flat one.

Makeup Brushes and their uses Makeup by Heather B

And you use your makeup brush to put your foundation on so you can clearly see from the three of these when you use your fingers it definitely gets the product on there but it’s kind of a mess it’s not very even plus your fingers have oil bacteria on them so any time you touch the skin that oil can help break down the makeup make you look shiny make you break out all kinds of things so I would recommend not using your fingers this middle one is with the.

Sponge so if you’re spending a lot of money on your foundation and even if you’re not you can see that the sponge uses most of the product. It soaks most of it into the sponge so that you’re not getting left with much on the skin plus the coverage isn’t very good and then this last one is with the brush it’s gonna be obviously the most even out of the three so it’s gonna give you the most coverage for your foundation with as much product as we use on the other three so anyways that’s.

A fun little demo I like to do just that kind of show you the difference between using your fingers, sponge, or brush. now neither way is wrong so do whatever feels good to you but I just wanted to kind of share that with you to show you the different because so many women like I said ask why should I use a brush so moving on so if you’re going to use a face brush for your foundation this one is actually one of my favorites it’s by MAC and you’ll notice a lot of the.

Brushes I use are by MAC, I used to work for them and got a really great deal on a lot of their brushes and their brushes are really great quality they’re kind of in the middle so they’re not that crazy expensive brush but they’re also not the super super inexpensive brush that falls apart the next day so I do like my MAC brushes. So this one is by MAC, it’s the 188 brush and it’s a duo fiber so it has the two different types of hair this one is nice because it really.

Works the product into the skin giving you more of an airbrush look I know it seems weird to do with liquid foundation but it’s beautiful I promise so this is a great pressure you can also use the brush that we are just using something kind of firm and flat you’ve all kind of seen a brush like this, it looks just like a paintbrush so this is a great brush to apply liquid foundation as well too alright so then once you have your liquid foundation on what I would.

Recommend for your powder is something big and fluffy, k so these are two different brushes these are by Sigma I love their brushes I just recently ordered them and I am in love with them they are amazing! so for your powder you want something big and fluffy now all the time when I do lessons, clients will come in and they’ll say, oh I use this for my blush. This is way too big for blush cause it’s gonna put it all in one area that’s going to be too much.

You want it to be smaller and more concentrated for blush but for powder it’s great, big fluffy, its gonna help spread the product out ok so we’ve got your foundation brush and we’ve got your powder brush moving on to blush. so what I recommend for blush, these are two of my favorites, this one is the 168 from MAC it has a little bit of an angle to it so it’s nice that really contours the cheek well, so you can see it’s not too fat so doesn’t put too much blush on but.

It has just the perfect amount of space where you’re getting a nice color on there so that is one, this one is by NARS and I don’t even know what the name of it is, it just looks really funky and cool but this is a great blush brush. this is the one I use it just puts it on very softly and blends the product out really nicely as well so this is an amazing amazing blush brush, ok. so then real fast I just wanted to share with you so I love my MAC brushes I love Sigma.

Brushes I also have found a line called REAL TECHNIQUES and actually they’re starting to carry them in some Walgreens I got mine at Ulta or Sephora but they look like they usually have like two tone coloring to them and I actually love their brushes and they’re very inexpensive so if you’re someone who’s like I don’t have a ton of money to spend on my brushes go check out these these are awesome I love this little brush to like get underneath my eyes but maybe like a setting powder.

Or to do like a little bit of a highlighter that you have you seen in some of my tutorials but this is just a great little brush to have to kind of put product in different places so that would be one. so those are your face brushes so really those are three brushes you’ve got your foundation brush whichever one you like you have your big fat powder brush and then you have a blush brush, k so we only have three brushes so far so that’s all you need for the face, you don’t need.

Five million other brushes so we’re gonna move on to eyes now, ok so for the eyes, whenever I do my eyes you’ll notice in all my tutorials I always do I eye shadow primer. I like to use my finger and just get it on there nice and smooth so then moving on what I always say that you need is a good fluffy kind of rounded brush, this one is the MAC 224 brush it’s amazing because it’s fluffy its rounded this is great for the crease area then.

What I would recommend something kind of firm and flat, this is the 2′ by MAC so firm and flat to pack the color on the lid so you’ve got your blending brush and you have your packing brush for color. then I also recommend having a pencil brush this one I don’t even know the number it’s actually it’s worn off. umm 219. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked for MAC but the 219 brush is awesome, its pointed so you can actually use this to smudge, you’ll see in my tutorials I smudge.

Eyeshadow underneath of my eyeliner, this is a great brush or even to smudge eyeliner on the top but I love having this brush on hand just to kind of help smoke out my eyeshadow a little bit the other thing I would recommend is just a good angled brush, this one is by ARTNET any every line is gonna carry an angle brush and that’s not a huge deal you don’t need to spend a ton of money on an angled brush because everyone makes one. So find one that works for you and I would get an angled brush the reason why.

I like this is you can do so many different things that you can fill in your brows with some powder, you can fill underneath with some eye shadow eyeliner you can also do gel liner with this, but it’s a great brush to have even to smudge out eyeliner too is great, so having an angled brush is always good to have in your makeup bag and that’s really all you need so really you’ve got your 4 eye brushes, we’ll just review em real fast, so fluffy and round, firm and flat, your.

Angle brush and maybe a pencil brush to kind of smudge eyeliner and then for your face brushes we’ve got fluffy for powder, foundation brush and a blush brush and maybe just something a little bit smaller to apply like a highlighter or some powder underneath of the eyes as far as cleaning brushes that is another huge one gonna totally put my sisters on blast right now I was over at my sister’s house the other day and I asked if I could just use her makeup a touch up and.

I looked at her brush and I was like, When was the last time you cleaned this and she kind of did not answer me meaning that it’s either been awhile or not at all so it’s really important to clean your brushes one because if you’re prone to breakouts or anything like that brushes can really harbor some nasty bacteria and not to freak you guys out but I’m sure you’ve heard the crazy stories about just contracting different like infection and all kinds of gross things that you really don’t even want to.

Read about so make sure that you’re cleaning your brushes so when you are going to clean your brushes what I recommend is go to Target go to Walgreens and pick up just a brush cleaner doesn’t really matter I like to clean my brushes with MAC because that’s what I have is MAC brushes um this is their brush cleaner really inexpensive I will put a little bit cleaner on some tissues and just tissue my brushes off with the cleaner. I will do that probably once a week now once.

A month I like to really deep clean my brushes so what does that look like I typically will get a cup fill it with some warm water i do one part cleaner to two parts warm water I get all my brushes gonna stick him in the cup kinda swirling around and then what I like to do is pull each brush out, underneath warm water I really just knead through the brush and you’ll see all the color like pouring out and just really get in there and get the water in there. once you’re.

Done rinsing the brush you want to set it over a ledge to dry just like this so that it has space all the way around so that it doesn’t lose its shape and then it dries evenly as well too. you never want to stand your brushes up because the water will seep down into the handle loosen up the glue and then the brush start to fall apart when you spend a good bit of money and your brushes that the last thing you want so make sure that you’re washing your brushes really.

Well like I said I would definitely recommend at least once a month doing a deep clean in between if you need to clean up you could grab some tissues put a little brush cleaner on there and just get your brush back and forth until the color comes off k so that’s how you would take care of your brushes if you’re someone who who hates when your brushes shed, that usually means it’s time to clean them so I know for me when I’m finding brush hairs everywhere, I will go ahead and give my.

Brushes are really deep clean and then they typically are going to be better and not shedding as much and then when they start to do it again all deep cleaning again over time you will have to replace your brushes but like I said if you’re taking good care of them they should last you for quite a while so that’s kind of just like a quick overview on brushes, we’ll definitely do more tutorials in the future about different lines and how to take care of them and everything like that but i just wanted to kind of cover this.

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