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How To Clean Your Mac Before Selling It

Hi, this is gary with macmost . on today’s episode let me show you how to get your mac ready for resale or recycling. Before you do anything else you want to make sure you are completely done with the Mac. So you want to make sure all your data is off it. Get your new Mac up and running. Perhaps you’ve backed things up, archived things. You don’t need anything else on the hard drive. In addition you want to make sure you log out of a lot of different services. You want.

You make sure you go to itunes and use the deauthorize menu choice there to deauthorize iTunes. You want to make sure you go to iCloud and turn off iCloud including Find My Mac. You want to make sure that is off and any other thing you may think of. For instance I use Adobe Creative Cloud. I would want to make sure I was fully logged out of that so that I can again reinstall Abode apps on my new Mac. So I want to wipe this 2006 iMac, 20 inch iMac, and I’ve already got everything set.

On this. i’ve got icloud disabled, everything like that and i don’t have any data i need on here. I’m going to Restart and when I Restart I’m going to hold down the Command and R keys. That is going to restart it in recovery mode and bring up the recovery partition. So now in recovery mode with recovery partition I’ve booted into a completely separate part of the drive. The same as having an optical disk in there that you can boot to except.

That it is just a separate little part of the hard drive that you’ve probably haven’t even needed up until now. There are two things that I want to do. The first thing is that I want to run Disk Utility. Disk Utility, which you may recognize because you can bring it up and use it for other things when you are using your Mac normally. Select the drive here and you click Erase. Then you want to erase it. Format Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Give it a name like Macintosh HD, something.

Standard like that. But you want to select the Security Options here. Then you can select how much erasing you want to do. You want to move it up one notch to this setting that allows you to, it will write zeros over the entire drive. Not only destroy what is on the drive but actually override it completely. You have higher options here that will take a long time to do and you don’t really need.

Those for most macs. if you work in some sort of sensitive industry then you might want to use those but then if you do you probably have IT people handling this for you. You wouldn’t be doing this yourself. So do the first setting here. You can see it says will zero out data. Then you erase. That will take a little time to zero everything out. Then when it reboots into Recovery Partition you end up back here now with an empty hard drive with only disk recovery partition on.

It. You would do reinstall Mac OS X and it is going to hit you, most likely, with that it can’t connect to the network. It needs the network to be able to grab Mac OS X. It is not installing it from something it has locally. It is actually pulling it from Apple servers. So you want to go and turn on WiFi and select a network. You are going to have to enter in a password. Once it joins the network it will take just a few seconds, you can see.

Up there that it has joined, you can try again. you can see now it is ready to continue. So you can continue now installing. It is going to install the operating system that came with the Mac, in this case the one up from that since Lion is the first version that it can do an installation from Apple servers. So you may see Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, or Yosemite here and it will install over the network. Then what you want to do is when you get to the point where it asks you to register, just.

Cmo desconfigurar tu Mac antes de venderlo o regalarlo

Very good, how about? friends, i’m nico and in this tutorial we will show steps to be followed before selling or give your Mac if you’re going to give it away because you sell bought another, want to move before your documents, app’s, and user accounts parameters to your new Mac, so you We leave a link in the notes to you follow the relevant steps is also advisable to keep a backup so also.

You leave a link in the tutorial, but in this tutorial are only going to focus on disable some and delete functions and services the hard drive from the old Mac in five Steps the first thing we will do is disassociate the Apple ID and iTunes it only allows associating the ID 5 year simultaneously iTunes for this we go iTunes and the Store section, enter withdraw.

Authorize this computer, we reyenamos the two fields asking us and press withdraw authorization if we have more and IDs associated We do the same and will appear this confirmation message if you use my mac or other search functions You iCloud on your Mac, you must first file or back data security iCloud, in Notes’ll leave you tutorial link.

Now we have to get inside preference system iCloud and then we have to unmark search box my Mac if you think the same as me not it enables me, first you have to enter the password of above Now, mark the box, we will ask authorization and deactivate. And by Finally we have to press the button Sign off.

When you sign out of icloud will ask you whether you want to delete the iCloud data on your Mac, if you do iCloud data remain in all other devices that are and using the same Apple ID, if you registered another computer, you can remove from the list of records now or you can do when you sell I’m going to do now for you to see how it is done, you have to enter the.

Profile page apple support, we ask you to initiate session and Once inside the device select and the upper part we have to press the delete button product, we ask you for confirmation and we press the button and finally press continue The fourth step is to disconnect from and iMessage, for this we must enter the.

Select messages application preferences Account, select iMessage account and then click Sign off and finally we have to delete and reinstall os x that is also a doubt very popular forum applemanacos and whether it was time to make a tutorial.

First thing we have to do is restart the computer, for that urge apple above the left and select restart then you have to keep down keys command + R while the computer restarts to you appear OSX utility we remind you that with the deletion of hard disk will be deleted all data, so it has recommended save a backup as you.

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