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How To Clean Up Library Folder Mac

Hi all today’s tutorial was all about the library folder very often you need to get to the library folder to delete a preference or to simply fix an application it’s not working unfortunately the library folders is hidden and a lot of people are not quite sure where it’s located well first the library folder is usually located in a couple of different areas.

One is at the root up the hard right so here is my hard drive called yosemite and here is the library folder you could see the path right here and this little icon if you want to get an icon like this on you were window simply right click or controlclick got this gray bar here customize toolbar and look for the path.

Just drag it and drop it and then you’ll have that ability when you click on a folder or file to see exactly where it’s located on your machine so its a helpful tip anyway at the library folders hidden so in order to see if there’s a couple different ways to get a different library folders most of the time which are really going to need is to get to the library folder.

That’s in the user folder where the user account a real easy ways to hold down option key on your keyboard go up to the go menu and suddenly you’re going to see the library appear if you click on it that is Library folder so even if it’s hidden it’s a quick way to get to it.

Just to show you how that works again i’m holding the option key up and down and you can see how it suddenly appears pretty cool feature but it does bring to a different Library folder than the one I showed you earlier this one is actually in my user folder which is normally the one that we need to get you because those are the ones that have.

The preference files here you can see your cache is if you want to delete the manually that’s always a good thing that if you have a at system that’s not working properly you want to get rid of some of the cache files you can just drag them that out of here and delete them also the preference files are here.

And so you can also delete a preference and it usually those files will get recreated on reboot and also the preference change but sometimes you want to get rid of Control Panel a lot of times you’ll find them here that might be in the root folder as you can see I have none on the User folder.

Here. there is another way to get to the library folder i’m going to show you that right now I let’s go into our user accounts I just gonna go to libraries so it’s just gonna bring me to the library folder and let’s get to the user admin and now I’m in the admin.

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