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How To Clean Temp Files In Mac

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to clear the cache memory files on mac in one click from activity monitor you can check the amount of memory cache files also from terminal with the vmstat command that displays virtual memory statistics to clear the cache memory type this command hit enter and verify the amount of memory cache files decreasing such in.

The activity monitors in terminal with the vmstat command now go ahead and open automator choose application now drag from the library to the workflow run an applet script and type this instructions you find this script lines in the description below in this tutorial this will purge the memory with the administrator privileges and display a popup message closing in three seconds.

Don’t forget to change your admin password click to compile and save now if you’d like to change the app icon do this first download this image from the description below on this tutorial and next rightclick and get more info from the clear cache app and simply drag the icon to change it now what about if you want to call this action from the menu bar open script editor on preferences select to show script menu and menu bar.

Now simply tell where this script should find your application to clear the memory cache add the correct path of the clear cache application then click to compile and save to the desktop next open finder go to library enter on scripts folder and drag this applet script to the scripts folder itself now authenticators administrator and from now on you can easily clear the cache memory files in one click.

How to Free up Space on Mac How to Free up OTHER Space on Mac

What’s up everyone zac here i’m here with another tutorial you can watch this tutorial 4k quality so you can just go there and the options in do you thing but just let you know im giveaway at 1000 subs so make sure you.

Subscribe and today’s tutorial basically I ran into this problem you know how you go the computer or my computer is going really slow so i’m basically did a lot of research about this and the other see how you can you see this says other and.

It’s just filled up it’s like 989 gb like full others so today i’ll show you how to fix that go storage and then you can see so at the moment it is so when before researching that’s what it was so I took.

A screenshot but now i’ll show you how to free up more space with that so I am i use Final Cut Pro and it does take a lot of data and storage so what you need to do is you go empty our rubbish bin everything but you go file and then you.

Go file and delete generated libraries I click on that and then make sure make sure you don’t need anything so basically that’s that now you just check everything all and just ok and this will take you through.

It I’m like all the generated files that renders everything there so i’ll show you the end of that so you can free up also so there you go so that’s how you doing so generated files into everything.

Make sure you delete your trash and after that I pretty much freed up 727.52 GB free how much they have I had 300 and something megabytes so after you delete this generated files you should be good to go.

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