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How To Clean My Mac Screen

Hello today we have to repair the laptop interesting problem as you can see there is damage on the surface of the LCD Screen you can zoom in and see more the client senta complaint to

to resolve this the problem.We tried to find on the Internetsolution but stumbled upon the situation thatsolution ready was nowhere to be found while Apple company is notyou know, officially or not States that

this is not a warrantycase and we need to understand owner independently most service centers I propose to solve this issue by replacement of the lcd screen entirely which is veryexpensive we will try to solve itthis problem its way it is now evident that half of the display

less normal that is fixed on half of the display now fixed this defect and now let’s show how it’s done just want to notewhat scratchedthe surface nothing wiped no cloth, no napkins, and even

alcohol nothing happens we hypothesized thatthe attack on the surface the display laptop protection glare and so on. And since it is a coating, it can eliminate fine

polishing material now clearlygoes to show that that was before we startedpolishing that turned out now glare from the matrix lamp lighting and it is clear that the part is damaged

My Apple Watch Sport is scratched

My Apple Watch Sport is scratched! So a lotof people have been posting pictures on Instagram saying that their Apple Watches are gettingscratched just with normal usage. So normally what we’d do in a Scratch Test is take anApple Watch and pair it up with a knife and just go to town on it, but instead we’re gonnado something different and I’m going to put the Apple Watch on wrist and just use it howI normally would and at the end of the day we’re gonna see if it got scratched. AppleWatch Water Test! Gold Apple Watch! Scratch Test!.

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