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How To Clean My Mac Fan

how and why to reset the systemmanagement controller on all Macs first lets understand the charger indicatorlight for MacBooks. When the light is red the battery is very low and charging. When it’s amber it’s charging normally when it’s green, the battery is full or not present.Any other light status would indicate a logic board problem, this goes for allMacBooks. Here’s the list of most common reasons to reset your system managementcontroller. If your computer crashes randomly. If you have display relatedissues. If you have incorrect sleep or power issues. If your fan is to loudwhen your computer is idle. Reset the

SMC if your operating system isperforming very slow. You should reset the SMC after every Logicboard orbattery replacement. Reset the SMC if you experience other unexpected strangebehavior. Here’s how we do this on MacBooks: Plug in the charger, you should see it gofrom green to amber, this is normal to let you know the battery is charging. Press down shift, control and option keys and hold those keys down. Now press the powerbutton and hold all four keys down for 5 seconds. As soon as you let go, youshould see the light turn green and then back to amber or red after aboutthree seconds. This will indicate that you

have successfully reset the SMC on the Macbook. On iMacs or any other Mac with a power button, go ahead and unplug the power cord. Once the power cord is unpluged, goahead and press the power button down andhold it down for five seconds, then you can release it. Plug the power cord back in. Thenext time you turn on this this Mac the system management controller will be reset. This concludes the systemmanagement reset tutorial. Thank you for watching!

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