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How To Clean A Mac Mouse Ball

Hi there and welcome to yet anothergreat episode of mind power my name is Bryce L Tomlinson fromNewDepthMedia and today we’re going to learn how toclean a trackball. Today we have a Logitech trackball and maybe you can see that Iswapped out ball in this particular one but most ofthem are very similar in nature they use a optical sensor on the inside

to on baseless since the movement at thetexture on ball this is probably one of theeasiest cleaning jobs for your mice that there is a little easier even then most of the optical mice he used to havelaser sense from the bottom oven basically it’s real simple in my case somebody isa plastic butter knife to do this just pokethrough the bottom in this case to just popped the ball outand Logitech mouse

some other bigger mice a habit wordslike you can describe it on the top and just plunkett right outin this case you can see that it’s really dirty and Jason pictures here what it looks on the inside there’sthree little I little balls inside here they’realmost the size of basically a pinhead there’s a massiveamount a grunge and you’ve been dust all piled up on top of them all he hadto do

is you can take your finger and justKenneth work at it take a fingernail you seenthat’s a big water cubans modern its basically land dust that’s collected inside there this islike a really big change and do it right here please take your finger and when that outta there try not to getstuck in the edgerton just end up back in there

another big fat a lot a bit there and there’s another big chance here came offthat ball and basically these are just likeinhibited from rolling freely def you need to it’s really stubborn youcan use she some spray but also probably do it quicker than just shedschalch there and you can see there’s a littleoptical sensor window in there you can just use like a Qtip

tickling around inside their home and atwork one other things I recommend is and heget like some and asked for electronics that mightwork you can spray some on your Qtip or also sure Tronix contact cleaner air and any kind electronics contact cleaner you can get em and electronics stores or the you know fries your Amazon I’m this stuff here cost me four dollars forcan

Computer Upgrades Repairs How to Clean Fix a Mouse

You know, there have been some innovationsin Mouse market lately, mainly being optical. I know some of you at home still have a ballmouse but either which way, you gotta clean it. My name’s James, computer hardware trainingcoordinator for Interconnection, and I’m going to show you how to clean and fix your mouse.Now a ball mouse differs from optical mouse in that it has a ball. This causes some inherentproblems. One, is as you’re moving it around the mouse pad, all the dust and such can getbrought up in to there, and cause interference with the computer seeing the movement of theball, which is how the computer knows how the mouse is moving. To clean these mice,it’s rather simple. You have these two little

marks right here, and all you do is you rotateit, and then falls right out. As you can see here, there’s a little bit of dust on here,nothing too bad. But we still might want to clean this mouse. So what we do is we takea nice cloth. Sometimes I like to use a little rubbing alcohol on here just to make sureevery thing’s very clean. And I’ll go in here, swab it all out until the inside of it lookspretty nice and clean. Another thing to keep in mind is you want to clean the actual ball.Get all that dust off, all the lint from your mouse pad and everything else. The main thingyou’re cleaning in your mouse are these rollers right here. What these rollers do is theyroll, as the name sits, with the ball, giving

it an x and a y access. This let’s it knowwhere it is in relation to the mouse pad and if you’re moving it left, right, up, downor anything in between. This is primarily what you want to clean. You want to make surethere’s no build up on here. I can see we have a little build up right there. You wantto make sure you get all that off. This all can give your mouse a little better responseand just overall better computer experience. To do this, use your cloth. You might wantto roll it up a little bit to get in there. Just get all that off there. So, you wantto get the dust off from each roller. Once you do this one you move on to the next one.Once the mouse is all clean, you simply reassemble

it. To do this, make sure every thing’s nicean clean. Once you’re satisfied with how clean it is, insert the ball, put the plate backover, make sure the plate sits flush, rotate the plate, plate should be in firmly, andnow your mouse is ready to go.

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