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How To Check Your Memory On A Mac

Mac PC Computer Tips How to Find Out How Much RAM Your Mac Has

If you have an older Mac you’re probably starting to notice that it’s slowing down. And that’s probably because you don’t have enough Ram to keep up with the new operating system and new applications that are out there. And with Macs that’s pretty easy to find out. Hi, I’m Charles Stewart, Jr. And I’m going to show you how to find out how much Ram you’ve got in your Mac. Again, like I said, it’s real easy to find out how much it is, or how much you got running in there. First you will go up to the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen. on that and then right underneath that there’s a option about this Mac. And you can click on it and then it brings up this. And it gives you what processors.

You’re running. And right under that it says memory and shows that I’m running two gigs of Ram in my Mac. And what kind of Mac, memory you’re, you’re running. I’m using DDR SD Ram. Now if you want to know more about it. You can, you know, and find out like how many sticks you’ve got in there, you can hit more info. And then that brings up system profiler and then you go down to memory. And then in there it shows that I’ve got four five hundred and twelve megabyte sticks of Ram in my computer and it shows me the speeds that I’m running at. And kind of lets you know that they’re OK. So it’s cool too because it gives you a little bit of a, a status update on whats going on with your Ram. And so as you can.

See, it’s real easy to find out how much memory and Ram you have in your Mac. And that’s it.

Mac PC Computer Tips How to Find Out the Maximum RAM Capacity for Your Computer

One of the easiest things you can do to your computer to make it faster is upgrade your ram. Hi, I’m Charles Stewart Jr., and I’m going to tell you the, how to find the maximum ram capacity of your computer. As you are, one of the easiest things to do is upgrade the ram in your computer, and if you’ve been using it for a while or it’s a an older computer, you’ll start to notice it either slow down cause’ applications are becoming more ram intensive, so you’re going to want to you know, upgrade your ram to as much as you can possibly fit it. The thing is with that is you got to find out who made your motherboard to support the the ram. So, if you built your computer, you would go to the motherboard.

Manufacturer’s website. I’m running an Asus in my computer, so I went to the Asus website, and I looked up and found out my computer model number, or my motherboard’s model number, and then, or you can take your user manual and it’ll tell you how many ram modules, and what’s the maximum capacity of ram for that motherboard. But a lot of people have a manufacturer computer from like Dell or an HP, so you would go to your user manual and look through that if you still have it. Now chances are some people have lost it along the way. You can go to their website and look up their support section, and usually, in your manufacturer’s support section you’ll be able to find a user manual to download as a PDF file, and open.

It up and look for yourself. And that should tell you the maximum capacity that you can fit in there. Now, let’s say you find that, and you see okay, I can fit four gigs of ram in my computer. So, to find out how much ram is on your computer you would simply go to my computer, right click, go to properties, and then on, under the computer section it should tell you how much ram. So, with my computer, it’s showing I have two gigs of ram, and my motherboard specs say I could fit three gigs of ram. So I still have an extra slot there available, and I can also open up my computer and look for myself, and since I built it, I know that there’s an extra slot in there. And that might be something.

You want to do also is to open up your computer and look to see if you have an available slot, cause’ some sometimes for manufacturers to make it cheaper, they’ll use smaller ram modules to give you a bigger ram number, so they might use all your slots up and you might not be able to upgrade anymore without sacrificing some of that, so you might lose ram in the process as you upgrade. So that’s all good stuff to know, and that’s it for finding out the maximum capacity of ram for your computer.

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