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How To Check Mac Battery Cycles

Alright, so lets talk about cycles as there seems to be some confusion over my last tutorial. Not all computers and batteries are equal. First let me show you the official cycle life of different batteries right from Apple. The iBook G3 and G4 systems had a cycle life of around 300 The Powerbook systems also had a cycle life of around 300 The original MacBook series had a cycle life of around 300.

The macbook pro from the same era also had around 300 Once you hit the 2009 MacBooks things start to change and you get 1,000 cycles Same with the newer MacBook Pro’s and the MacBook Airs Lets also discuss what a cycle is. A full cycle is when you dischage the battery all of the way down, and then all of the way back up. But what if, for example, you discharge the battery half way and then charge it back.

Up? this is only half of a cycle. so you’d have to do this twice before it would equal a full cycle. OK so lets put that in perspective. Um, Just because Apple throws out a number like 300 cycles, doesn’t mean the battery won’t work past 300. It just means that after 300 cycles, the capacity will begin to degrade. So at maybe 400 cycles the battery may only last 2 hours instead of 4 hours, and you know when you get to 500 cycles it may only last an.

Hour and when you get to 6 or 700 cycles it may only half an hour or it may not work at all. Lets talk about what factors besides cycles affect a batteries life. Temperature is a big one. Leaving it in hot environments, especially while in use, will degrade the battery much faster. Once you get around 120 degrees, like inside of a hot car or something, you can pretty much kiss your battery goodbye if it spends much time.

There. Charging state matters. For example, if you were to let the battery completely discharge and then sit it on a shelf for a year like that, well you can pretty much kiss your battery goodbye because its going to be dead. If you are going to store the battery, take it out of the laptop so that it won’t discharge as quickly and try to charge it up periodically. If the battery is internal and the computer.

Is going to be stored for a while, then just periodically make sure to charge the thing up. Depth of cycles. It is usually much easier on the battery if you only cycle the battery a little bit, then charge it back up, rather than always cycling it completely. And another thing is age. As the battery gets older it will always degrade some even if you haven’t used it.

Ok, so now that we’ve covered the life cycle of a battery, now lets talk about calibration. If you open up a battery you’ll find a tiny computer, or microcontroller inside. This controller is what keeps track of how many cycles the battery has gone through, as well as other information about the battery. Two of the things this controller attempts to track is how much capacity is left in the battery and what the current state of charge is. Just so we’re clear on this, the capacity is the amount of power the battery can actually.

Store in its present condition, which as we’ve discussed, that shrinks over time as the battery degrades. The state of charge is different. That’s a percentage of how full the battery actually is. Let me give you this example. Imagine comparing it to a tank of liquid. The capacity would be the size of the tank. The state of charge is like how full the tank is. But it doesn’t always get it right. The controller really doesn’t know exactly how much power.

How To Check Macbook battery life iPhone Battery life

Hai guys my name is lio i’m gonna show you how to check your macbook, iphone, ipad battery life for the first time open the safari tab browser.

And go to google search coconut battery at top of page you can see coconut battery 3.4 by coconut flavour you can see the latest version click and download it.

After download click and install you can see, the macbook info age, serial number ios version full charge capacity.

Design capacity and the next, if you wanna see your iphone battery life plug in the USB to the iphone and mac.

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