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How To Check Disk On Mac

Hey everyone, this is erickj92 from , and here i will be showing you how to repair your disk permissions. So first you want to go down to Applications, Utilities and then Disk Utility. Just wait for it to load real quick. Then select your main Hard Drive and click Verify Disk Permissions. This is just going to take a few minutes. I’ve sped up the tutorial to save you some time. Okay it’s just about done here. As you can see it’s found a few different permissions that are corrupt on my system. Okay. ONce that’s done you want to click Repair.

Disk permissions. this again will take a little bit of time, so just sit here and wait while it does. On average it can take anywhere from a minute to ten minutes or possibly even more, depending on your system. Right here it didn’t take long because I only have a few disk permissions that are wrong. And now you can see it’s already repairing most of them. Okay it’s just about done here, and once it completes you have gotten all your permissions repaired. Congratulations! Just close out of the window and go back to what you were doing. Thanks for watching!.

Mac El Capitan Disk Utility Explained

Hey whats up guys so i’m on the latest paid out capitan which is being gay and I did a tutorial on disk utilities before but I kinda want to come back and do it again cuz I had a lot of questions about the changes so not just in looks but functionality just utility has changed quite a bit from its predecessor and Yosemite and I mean one of the very first big things and I noticed was the lack of repairing permissions and stuff like that so I kind of want to explain.

That and then the first aid repair i wanted to show you guys and then of course USB external hard drive stuff like that so as it stands there is currently no raid support now RAID drives will work so if you had pre partition drives from previous builds they will function I’ve tested this but I am unable to actually create using the disk utilities are raid now you can actually create a raid partition either.

A stripe or if you wanna do her 864 duplication you can create this with terminal and I’ll actually make another tutorial on how to show you guys just a brief how to do a straight trade because that would be the most popular as people use the hyper speed so that’s been removed as well now the reason they removed the disk permissions thing and I know a lot of people are like oh my god you can’t repair the disk permissions it’s.

Actually now done during the software updates and realistically that’s all it means to be done it doesn’t it’s not something that needs to be run all the time and less you guys are for summaries and you know changing file permissions which at the top point you could use the terminal command the child mod or CHM RTF you know to correct the permission then set them properly so I the disk permissions thing really wasn’t a big deal for me I wasn’t too upset about.

That some of you where it’s not gonna be that big of a loss it’s done each update they’ll be more updates in the future so you will your drive always be refreshed and I think that’s bad that it’s done that way versus the user having to do it because Allah users don’t even know what we’re talking about right now the next thing is the external drives RAID obviously is not there but we can disconnect Sultan their comeback and so you can see all the different options.

I want to go through first was first aid first aid if you run it on a drive that slive it will only do its live Mon so deep you can see right here verifying in live mode if there’s repairs that it needs to make way bad blocks or something like that like she ask you to reboot from a separate partition and then run it again might also find here which I can demonstrate here so I can run for state.

Over this and it won’t run in live mode because it can actually on mount the drive which will see the beginning time I don’t hear and then you’ll still perform the same checks that he used to do so there’s no worries here they have any loss of functionality again you can repair disk permissions as for creating partitions I was playing with us as well see can still do multiple partitions he actually use this animation here so I can add two or three and we got up I.

It’s actually kind of neat i really like how this was set up so basically you could I just your church here to how many different partitions each one has you highlight changes here so you could rename them so I can do one here is one you can be to you could be three and then you can be number four and this is just as a prime example so as I jumped through all the different partitions that can be created we could do some as fat32 estas maybe we have a.

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